Can we get something other than another Master Chief baised show or campaign if we get DLC or another show?

For all you Chief loveres this is not slandering Master Chief I love him but I just think he is being over used and I would like to see new or old characters expaded on more and master chief has kinda been in the spotlight in almost all the games many books and almost all the TV shows/movies. I don’t think it’s healthy to his character to drag him along. We need a break from him.

Through every game that he has shown up in after Halo: Reach His personality changed and its not small barley noticable its almost eveything about him almost. Here are ways how

Halo 4: More talkitive, less like an awsome killing mechine and asks way more much questons.
Halo 5: Less talkitive, Cortana addict, needs a team all the time.
Halo Infinite: More human, more like an awsome killing mechines, little more talkitive and no longer a Cortana addict.
Halo TV Seires: Takes his helmet off all the time dosn’t remember anything from his past, and more emotional.

We need someone else now please


I wouldn’t say we NEED someone else, but I would say we NEED someone who knows What the hell they are doing in and with the Halo lore.
Personally I would love to see medias about individuals of the Haloverse and even group stuff like all the various teams of spartans and ODSTs too.
Captain Keyes could have a sick spaceship battle media. Gray team could have an awesome espionage media. Sgt. Johnson could have a show about the actual first contact with the convenant at Harvest.

There is so much media out there that could be made into various outlets and they could be awesome if the right people could get in charge. . .

Unlike the dumpster fire of a TV show that we got, exploring the various corners of the actual Halo lore (cannon or non cannon) could be awesome and go along with the story…

The producers of the TV show should have not been allowed to make anything without knowing the lore or backstory at least. . .

Like with the novels and comics, One literally cannot just make what they want out of thin air because it literally would not go along with anything and would probably encroach on other aspects of the lore.

The material is out there and can be made to fit the Halo narrative IF PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARED. . . And didn’t have their heads up their YOINKS. . .

All Halo isn’t on Master Chief. “Halo Reach”, “Halo 3 ODST”, “Halo 4 Spartan Ops” , “Halo Wars 1 and 2”, “Halo Spartan Strike and Assault” and “Halo fireteam raven” were game without MC. More than half the books and comics are without MC

Even the TV show isn’t on the Master Chief, this guy is clearly not the Master Chief we know and loved, just an inferior copy

Of course his character evolved with time and it’s a good thing. Unfortunately, with Cortana evil resurection, the history take a bad turn, but it seems 343 is moving on with her and MC wharacter will focus on better thing.

As for having new game without Chief, I’m agree with it, only if the actual storyline with him are completed. But replace him with a new supersoldier like him wouldn’t work. They try to do it with Locke, to force us to love this guy, and that really don’t worked

No, the last Master Chief game was in 2015 6 long years ago. In which he was only in for 3 missions or two hours. So really the last full Master Chief story would have been 2012. Ten years ago.

So he really isn’t being overused. 343 has not been able to put out the content that this could ever be considered a problem. We aren’t getting these games every two years.

Look, I’d be all for that campaign with Vale. But there is something to the Chief/Cortana thing. How that works if the Weapon isn’t her I am not entirely sure; but that continuity is a strength.

BTW few posters seem to think they’ve killed Cortana off to move away from the love story angle. No, they really do think of the Weapon as Cortana 2.0 and Chiefs second chance; that’s what the whole perfectly perfect thing was about. It’s not a Wandavision thing where he has to get over losing Cortana and move on. They really do want to have their cake and eat it. Rather than make the tough choice between “Chief saves Cortana” and “Chief has to let go” they’re providing a substitute with none of the baggage but with all the drama. Such as her taking responsibility for something another character did and insisting she had to die.

I would hope for an Arbiter DLC campaign with chief as an umplayable main character. Like its an Arbiter storyline that crosses path with Chief on the ring.

Its a good take since everyone wants a story with Arbiter and Chief 6 years later and those thay dont want a Chief focused story.

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More than likely we will be seeing Mini-DLC Campaigns featuring side-stories. After all, we only have Part 1 of the main Campaign featuring Master Chief, with Parts 2 and 3 coming in later on in Halo Infinite’s lifespan. But there is plenty of room for small campaign DLCs, with less open world experiences and more classic linear design (making it easier to design as less development is needed for environments and such).

For example -

  • Spartan Laurette Agryna is searching for the UNSC Infinity. Currently the Season Cinematics showcase her story thus far, but what happens when she finds the Infinity Wreckage? My guess is that she will find Roland and have to determine whether or not Roland was loyal to the UNSC or a sleeper agent of The Created, all while trying to locate Captain Laskey and other important members of the crew.

  • The UNSC Spirit of Fire has made its way back to the galaxy and we see a few Seasonal cinematics showcasing their adventure to find Professor Ellen Anders. And then at the climax, we receive another MIni-DLC story where we play as Spartan Jerome-S092 and warp to Zeta Halo to reunite with John after all these years to provide support in the fight. Though the UNSC Spirit of Fire is lost in the climax of the campaign story, the UNSC forces still got a boost of supplies and men to provide support in the war effort on Zeta Halo.

  • A mini-campaign featuring Blue Team finishing up their mission away from the UNSC Infinity leads to them being tasked with a new objective : locate and secure Dr. Catherine Halsey. With the UNSC Infinity lost and the Banished responsible for the attack; it is logical that they would want to secure High-Value Targets to coerce and force to do their bidding. Perhaps make it so that Dr. Halsey is being forced to revitalize the Crashed Guardian located on Zeta Halo?

  • A mini-campaign where we play as a Gladiator, a Spartan-IV that was captured by The Banished early in the Zeta conflict. Put through an endless arena slaughter, the few Spartan-IVs that survived long enough in this onslaught were given a choice - die or become one of the Banished. And so, they are no longer Spartans but rather Gladiators that join the Spartan Killers. An interesting campaign where upon seeing that Master Chief is back and responsible for the death of Escharum. And so, this one Gladiator goes rogue in order to prevent the remaining Spartan Killers to hunt down and kill Master Chief. “*My death will inspire thousands!” Escharum said. What irony that it would inspire one of his own to reject him to return to the UNSC once again.

Just some ideas I came up with.

Live Action version of Contact Harvest based on the books would be awesome

Damion Poitier and David Skully to work together and bring Johnson to LIFE

So much good idea but none where we finally play the aliens. I would like to play as the Banished fighting the Prometheans and destroy the Guardian when they arrived