Can we get something Done about AFK Players?

About 70% of my BTB matches have at least 1 AFK player. I see them standing there, being spawn killed and at the end of the game, I check and find their stats show they did nothing (0’s across the board, except for deaths).

Can you not do something about this?

Can you not penalize them, put them in a timeout area with other losers?


Best options would be to have them auto-kicked. But then we’ll still be down a player. Might still be better then have them not doing anything at least. Might even get a replacement player.

But yeah, lot of games get plagued by abandoners and afkers it seems in BTB for me as well. Nothings funner then trying to win an uphill battle being at a forced disadvantage.

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I rather have the player kicked after 90 seconds of AFK. That’s a free kill for the enemy team.


I’d argue that between 30 seconds a 1 minute is a good set up. If they aren’t going to play they should be gone, in hopes we’ll get a fast replacement. Even if the game mode isn’t slayer.

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Needs to be a 1 minute then kick, 3 losses in 4v4 because AFK players, it’s not fun, it’s ruining matchmaking


Being a person down has a significantly larger impact the lower the team player count size gets. For 4 vs 4 it should be 30 seconds max. You’re going to want them out ASAP and hope you get a replacement just as fast.

Big team Battle won’t be affected as harshly being a person down, so you can probably bump it up to 1 minute there.

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lol only 70%?

try 100%, every game for me has at least one player.

Yeah, i think H5 had a 2 minute timer, then there MIGHT have be a couple minute ban. I can’t remember how long though. Maybe 5 mins (then it gets longer with each offense)

Agreed. The timer is too long and the punishment is too weak.

Should be one of the easier fixes, yet it hasn’t changed despite months of complaining.

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XD this one is a fun idea xd put them in a sort prison with the same sort of people🌇

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I think in MCC they have something that detects AFK players during the search, I don’t know if it would have the same impact as the search times in Infinite are not as long as MCC, yet.

However it could be implemented to stop people who are already AFK before the game starts, who maybe finished the previous game as AFK.

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There’s nothing more infuriating than playing a tight Total Control match where they are about to score and your camera after death switches to an AFK teammate. This **** seriously needs to be fixed, every other BTB match has 1+ AFK.


They probably think they’re not as noticeable/obvious in BTB and they’re likely going for “participation xp” so they can just rank up their battle passes while everyone does the work for them. It sucks and 343 should be stealth banning these ppl who abuse the system by throwing them in matches with all the other AFKers so they all just waste their own time and get nowhere.


Lolol I just made a comment saying the same thing in different words!

XD long ago i read somewhere someone had an idea if one get banned they get in a sort prison with other banned people where they are muted and cant do much in the time they are banned, it sounds as a fun idea😂

haha i see the comment XD that would be really fun a match with 24 pillars doing nothing and wasting their xbox energy turned on XXXD goons everywhere xd


People who leave matches simply because they’re losing are the worst.


I’d rather they leave than be farmed for AFK Kills.

And let’s face it, several BTB modes are very Objective tedious and many times players aren’t playing the objective and you know your not going to win with this group of A-$ Hats.

Or people that have no idea what the role of a Driver is in a Warthog. It isn’t just driving like a lunatic, it’s about keeping your Gunner alive, dropping back behind cover to let them get there shields back, manoeuvring so they can hit a target and running away like a little girl when you’re outmatched :slight_smile:


Play the game then my guy. Then they wont be afk kills?

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Please be my driver.

That would be…. just…. Amazing!! In addition to that, If only there was a highlight reel that recorded each persons voice chat (but didn’t allow anyone in-game to hear it), then all of us could click on a “prison” menu to scroll thru the videos of these people…. hearing their reactions out loud…. that’d be so fun to listen to! First time it happens to someone & they’re just losing their mind, yelling, “WTF iz gOing ooNNNNN!???”…. ahhh it’d be glorious to hear this stuff, them not knowing about the prison feature… I know these are things that’ll never happen, but still… one can dream lol.

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hahaha that would be really funny XXXXD they then dont know what happened to me and next to that they shouldnt be allowed to play any game mode except the “prison” one for a limited time, and then there is some voice recorder which records them and if we because we are losing because of them click on one of these prisons we hear their voices WHAT THEEE HEEELL and i can imagine a brother comes in a room and we hear yelling : what DID YOU DO YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO FARM FREE EXP FOR ME WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SPARTAN, and : ah this sucks… or , mama i cant play anything and i was on computer to grab free exp, then the parents : let us take a look. XXXD maybe they can then place an arcade machine of halo infinite in that prison and they can kill each other there but they respawn in 3 seconds and the place is small, and sometimes comes a monitor ( oracle ), someone from 343 to look if everything is going right there XD