Can we get some new Swat Maps Please?

The swat game mode is my favourite but the maps in it can be pretty awful.
I love Eden, works brilliantly for swat.
Mercy is obviously brilliant as well as it was one of the only amazing maps from Halo 4.
Colliseum works pretty well as it has nice sightlines although have had a few ridiculous spawns sometimes.
Pegasus 2 isn’t very good as everyone camps the high red spawn point and the layout isn’t very good, and spawns can be ridiculously stupid on it.
Plaza isn’t great as it’s just too much going on in it and spawns can be abused.
The Rig is pretty bad as it is just a -Yoink- ton of levels all over the place and just becomes a bit disorientating. Is okay for other game modes (kinda) but not swat.
Truth is just outright terrible. Constantly in the sightlines to get headshotted and spawns can also be abused.

Basically keep the top 3 maps and replace the others with better ones please.

Anyone agree? And which maps annoy you most?

I can work with all the maps, but I would like to see more for sure!

Yes, honestly SWAT is fun, but map wise it feels limited

I’m so tired of the same old maps in SWAT. Why did they take a few out?! I just started playing again after not touching the game for about a year. Already tired of the same old sorry maps.

This 100% I agree with, it needs to be updated so bad imo