Can we get some love for infinite some positiviti pls?

lest get some positive coments cuz were really toxic at the moment lets just chill pls just have fun the game is still here they worked so hard on it and we are craping all over it ist not all bad customazastion is inportant but ist more inportant that we have fun the game is fun its balanced it looks good and thb the event skins and fiesta are awsome 343 keep it up if you fix the battle pass this will be game of the year for sure (btw im not a english native speaker so sry for any miss spellings )


trying to force the internet to behave a certain way will never work in the long run. We aren’t robots.

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mate im just asking for kinde words nothing else ist not a command ist a questions if you want to leave some kinde words fine if not dont type here

trying to force the internet to behave a certain way will never work in the long run. We aren’t robots. You aren’t going to tell people how to act and when to type.

im not gona even tell you to stop cuz i dont care keep going at it im just saying to let the pozitiviti shine thats it

I mean if I’m going to be honest the game is really solid. The gameplay feels smooth, fluid and clean, and you can tell a lot of care was poured into that. The other thing I am excited for is post-launch content, like is there going to be a new FireFight rendition with more customisation than ever, or is there gonna be a revamped Spartan Ops mode, learning from the shortcomings of the one from Halo 4 etc.

I just hope they can fix the one major issue which a lot of people have, but I will not discuss that here as it goes against this forum’s purpose.

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Thanks for trying at least. At this point I’m almost hoping we get some categories just for the Infinite forum to have a place for the daily 10 new threads about cosmetics.

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The fact that this game has little gameplay issues is a good thing.

Most of the complaints are about the progression system and microtransactions.

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Gameplay and sandbox do feel good, after partially fixing aiming by nuking deadzones and boosting aim acceleration. 70% of the maps feel good but this game permanently gimped itself the moment they decided to go F2P instead of following tradition. Progression is awful and everything is paywalled to milk gullible players dry of their cash.

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thank you for being s positive as posible and not going on a rant about the cosmetic sistem

There’s genuine goodness here, yes, but I refuse to recommend anyone spend a dime on this -Yoink!-. You want the campaign, buy a month of games pass in December and wait for them to fix the system or the game to slowly die.

For all those who shilled for armor coatings half a year ago, you reap what you sow.

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I will gladly deliver some positive opinions on Infinite MP, but I will have to preface it with the note that, while I understand not enjoying seeing all the disgruntled posts in the forums, those posts are not invalid, nor are they wrong or toxic.

Some of them are a toxic for sure, but that is separate to the issues that people are generally raising; demanding heads on pikes is toxic, complaining about the absurdly greedy & cynical monetisation is not. The Battlepass alone falls flat & delivers essentially nothing of what a good Battlepass would. Seriously. It’s not even comparable, & the worst part is that the Flight feedback (my own included) was rife with this feedback, but we had hope it was just a work in progress. Somehow however, the Flight now looks pretty good by comparison. A more cynical person might see intent in that.

Anyway, that’s out of the way, positivity.

  • Core Gameplay is so on point you’d need an electron microscope to see the pin head. I’ve been Halo-ing for 20 years & this is such a return to the feeling I had when I first played Halo 2 & realised how much crisper it felt that HCE. This is how you do evolution.

  • Some guns are awesome. I love the Sidekick, Plasma throwing bomb rifle of doom, Assault Rifle etc. Some could be better, but I still like the concept, they just need some tweaking (Bulldog is a good example, & I love the Commando, but its too weak, it was perfect in Flight 2).

  • Maps & Graphics are glorious

  • Music is a delight

  • Training Modes are a wonderful addition & perform very well

  • I adore Fiesta (but I always have), its chaos & its beautiful

  • Equipment is as close to perfect as I could imagine. Once again, a brilliant evolution from prior games

  • I really like the Menus, even if I feel there is work to do

  • I really like the idea of a Battlepass (it just falls flat as this current version is punishing & disincentivisng, alongside the eye watering shop pricing & loss of too much kit to the store)

So yeah, lots, & I mean lots, to like & give promise for the future, just got to get over these concerning issues & we’ll be all gravy baby.

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Pretty much most that’ve played Infinite agree that the game is really fun, it’s just being hammered down by systems that negatively impact that enjoyment.


thank you very much for your positive vibes yes i agree the sistem is crap but shouting titles like 343 dosent listen or 343 sucks is toxic and i hate that
Yes we should talk about it but lest have a cool head and think about the goof things that came out of this game now thx again for the positive vibes and have i nice day !!!

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I could give less than two grunts about all the cosmetic and shop drama. Infinite’s gameplay loop is beyond awesome

To quote the boys unknown, the games a diamond ring covered in -Yoink!-, the customization and progression is lacking but the core gameplay is very good and it being free means more of my friends have been able to play which is very nice. Core gameplay muy fun