Can we get rid of the terrible Quit Ban system already?

What is the Deal with this terrible quit ban system?

Who asked for that?
It drives me further away from playing the game.

And i wont stay in matches where the also terrible sbmm system of mcc gives me afk folks or players who never played a Halo, into my team.

There is no point.

Its a waste of my time and not fun watching the enemy team (full of sweats of course) farming the lower skilled players in my team.


I fully agree, the maximum quit ban should be 10 minutes TOPS. I’m not gonna stick around a game where I can’t even fight back due to try hards spawn trapping. People always say “Well think of how you ruin the game for others” umm no? When I’m playing ANY game the only enjoyment that matters is MINE.


Find some regular teammates. You can’t rely on random players as teammates. The population of MCC is pretty low so the game has to make games with players available.


Never play with random teammates. Get a decent squad by inviting any of your friends (or making new friends) that regularly plays Halo.


So you want to remove the quit bans? What do you think will happen (again)?
People would start quitting out of every game for any reason for not getting the sniper, for not getting the map they want, for dying 3 times in a row, the enemie touches the flag (no joke - true story in a hard contested game) and pretty any other dumb reason, which most of them are not life emergency situations. Then every game will quickly turn into 1v3 all the time.
We had no quit bans before and it was horribly.

For the terrible matchmaking - thats a combination of 343’s fault and terrible managment of multiplayer and no AFK/Idle ban and the decision to make Halo more casual friendly since Halo 4. Thats the result of it. All you can do is make some friends and queue up as a Team or hope that 343 stop making Halo for casuals, who don’t care about the game (which will probably not happen).

Quit ban needs to stay and AFK/Idle ban added.


I think it’s a good thing to try to lessen the amount of quitters. It’s only a 3 minutes ban unless you quit a lot.
I’d rather say the problem is other things like sbmm, afk players, bad challenge systems (mostly infinite), and ofc quitters themselves.

First ban is 5 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for number two. Pretty sure third one is 30 minutes. It’s dumb.


Oh it’s 5? Did it change? Pretty sure it was 3 when I got it.
Still though, I don’t think it’s that bad.

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Way too many afk players in Halo MCC for sure.


This was not a major issue when Halo 3 was “current”.

Quitters should lose XP as a penalty.
A trend of quitting/AFKing should result in a ban.

Quitting can be tracked by number of quits over hours/days. If you quit 10 games in a day, thats abnormal behavior.

Maintain the “if half of your team quits, you dont get punished if you leave” mechanic. But extend it; if the game is supposed to be 4v4 and 1 player doesnt connect, get rid of this “well technically its 3v4 and the first two who quit out of three gets banned”.


I have been complaining about this for years! And Guess What??? It’s still here!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:


And it is a good thing it’s still here. Wanna remove quit bans and turn Halo in another quit festival again? That’s what would happen. Would be another reason to go in matchmaking with only a full group.

That is what is awesome about running a Custom Game Server. You don’t have to worry about getting banned in a Custom Game if you quit early in a game. :love_you_gesture:That is why I don’t play in any of the Social Games. I don’t like the rules! :rofl:

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But the quit bans didnt help though. I even rememeber the threads of people dissapointed by the lack of effect it had.

If I get a game where my team cant even seem to compete at all, Im gonna quit. Ia not EVER going to sit in a match where everyone on my team goes 3-14.

All the ban timer dpes is make others including myself go to other games. Considering I cant even find matches for alot of modes during prime time, Im not so sure the ban timer is a good idea.


Just because you or your team isn’t going good is no reason to quit. Just play out the game and try different tactics to improve. If you want to win more consistently you have to get regular teammates. You can’t rely on randoms. MCC population is pretty low so the game has to make games with the players available. The quit bans are absolutely necessary for players who use any excuse to quit and ruin the games for others. If the quit ban drives some players away that is ok with me as I would rather have players who finish the game out even though we maybe losing.


If you’re getting spawn trapped by a team of sweats in social and die upon spawning in you have EVERY right to quit that match and should NOT be penalized for it.

I think the max ban timer should be 10 minutes, just enough for a custom firefight match then back to pvp.

That’s how it was in the past that’s how it should REMAIN.


In the Battlefield Franchise if you quit a game early


it would be like you never played the game in the first place

Seems to work great!

Maybe 343i can setup something like that :worried:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Are there times when a player should quit, sure. But those times are really really rare. I myself I have quit games and my ban times have always been really short. They are short because I finish the majority of my games. I don’t quit every time something isn’t going my way.

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You know, if I recall, before it was implemented, these forums were plagued with people complaining about quit bans NOT being good enough, and wanting them to be more strict and punishing.

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I never had a problem with people quitting in Halo 3 back then. There’s more quitting now than there ever was because the game is still bad and unbalanced. Quit bans aren’t deterring quitters. In fact I just start quiting now instead of afking because there’s no point. I just play other games that respect my time. You quit ban defenders sound like those people whose entire team quits out, yet you’re still acting like a tryhard trying to beat 4 guys and running out the timer.