Can we get Rain, Snow, SandStorms, Fog, Storm Clouds, Meteor Showers, Lightning, High Wind and maybe a Hurricane ( like above the Voi Portal from Halo 3 ) for backgrounds and atmospheric effects?

With it being 2022 and weather effects being available in games even as far back as the early/mid 2000’s ( Socom US Navy Seals had an amazing level with falling snow ), could we please get dynamic weather or at least static weather effects for Campaign and Multiplayer ?

Even PubG mobile has fog and rain that appears on the map in battle Royale. It should be feasible in the Slipspace engine.

Having a level inspired by the Silent Cartographer inundated by Hurricane winds, Trees affected by wind and a storm like Parcel Storm from Battlefield would be an amazing experience and could even enhance the Sandbox if wind affects movement speed, thrust or Grapple shot usage.

Another good reference point for wind in trees is The second Shadow Warrior game. One of the early levels shows all the trees and foliage being whipped around by High Winds and it made the level feel real and Immersive.

Another few recommendations ( not just weather ) would be:

— Burning Plasma pools of fuel
— Clouds of Forerunner objects like Sentinels in the sky
— Floating flat plates of Hexagon structures as seen from Halo Wars art that would be great stepping stones without having full Hex Pillars
— Biome features from the huge wealth of Halo Wars and Halo War 2 concept art ( huge color variety )
— Bioluminescent Plants and animals
— Glowing Rocks or otherwise exotic alien landscape features
— Toxic Gas clouds or Gasses emanating from damaged sections or plants
— Thick Clouds, Blue glow to atmosphere and thick rolling fog in the background as seen from the view of Infinite concept art by Martin Deschambault


You could make a lot of things like Rain, Snow, Sandstorms, Fog, etc in Halo 5 Forge, so they’ll probably be customizable in Infinite’s Forge as well if its anything like 5.

But yeah, more background customization would be very cool.

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Yeah it should be available in Forge but I’m thinking more about Campaign.

Having wind moving through trees, smoke in the air from fire, fog in the morning or frost on the grass would go a long way towards helping immersion.

It would also encourage having a new vision mode to help see through fog, sand or Rain.

It’s 2022, and if the Slipspace Engine can’t handle it they should just switch to Unreal Engine 5 which has incredible effects and lighting, and is probably way easier to design for.

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And they need to make a way for Spartans to Swim, otherwise they are stuck with only shallow rivers and kill boxes in deeper water.

343 should make it so that the thrusters on Spartan Armor allows for Swimming.

God! man you’re bringing back memories lol which means…yes there needs to be some “nature” PLEASE! even if its just leaf’s blowing around in the wind or rain thats starting to roll end at the end of a match. lets make these Arenas more lively and dynamic. SO much potential here.


YES ! Leaves blowing around in the wind is something I forgot.

Although that’s kinda hard when 90% of the trees are pine trees. I’m hoping we see more foliage variety soon, esp considering the concept art had some nice foliage types.

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Hopefully some Bigger waterfalls too. There is an amazing concept art piece by Martin which shows falls like Niagara on either side of a Forerunner towers with Wind pushing water vapor and sprays into the air from the waterfalls.

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Love this! with the shape that Zeta Halo is in, it would be cool to see a river that is just pouring off the side of the ring into Space. Would be cool if you could see where the artificial gravity fails and the water is either just swirling around or spreading into space.

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EXACTLY. I expected to see exactly that, some interesting combinations of landscape.

The sheer amount of empty gray Rock makes the world feel stale.

The concept art for infinite shows off a lot more variety, even the artwork with just the PNW and hexagons looks for more interesting in terms of composition and color variety.

Infinite needs:

Full Swamps
Coastal Regions
Fuller Forests with more foliage types and arrangements
Better draw distance because the trees, hexagons and levels from hundreds to thousands of feet away is lacking detail

And a big one: The substructure and damaged part of the ring looks like an untextured block on the ring, whereas from space it looks very detailed with proper destruction to the parts


It needs features from European Forest’s, New Zealand, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Russia, Scotland and China.

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They could have had waterfalls off the side of the floating islands leading to another lower island to catch it with structures in-between for some interesting platforming type gameplay.

So much unused potential.

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It seems clear to me that the open world just wasn’t prioritized in development… seem to be plenty of items in the store tho.

I miss when the evil corporate overlords were satisfied with just profiting off good art, not stunting good art in the name of selling more crap.

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They could have a Forerunner tunnel system cut into the side of the cliffs with tubes and structures leading to a cartographer and key which you need to open a gate to another side of the map.

And perhaps a massive downed sentinel in a swamp that you have to find and recover it’s parts to be used to upgrade UNSC tech

Or perhaps you have to divert water from a large waterfall to flood and wipe out a Banished Facility downstream, and once you do you have to explore a Giant Banished Camo inside flooded ruins etc that they had commandeered and built now damaged base structures on. Jumping across flooded sections, climbing pillars etc

Halo Infinite needs more Platforming and RPG aspects of it is gonna have a successful Open world.


Gah, yes. If only there was more environmental interaction, and more environmental storytelling. Halo 3 and Reach were much better at that.

I think that it would be awesome to see a multi-planet open world RPG game set in the post-war era. The only canon that would make sense would be that you are an ONI agent, and have a general mission to wreak havoc on the remaining covenant groups.

In some missions you could be all alone, they could introduce stealth elements, and in others you could get significant UNSC support. You could continue to train and pick up skills and it would make sense in universe. Partway through the game you could be invited to train with the Spartan program, then get access to upgradable Mjolnir… you could focus your training early on towards things like speed, strength, weapons specialties… then you could focus your augmentations on similar things (or spread them out.)

Armor customization could actually effect your playstyle! Attachments could actually do things! I know it’s not the standard Halo formula, but I would love to see it outside of the main saga.


That seems like an awesome Idea !

I like the multi-planet thing, with a hub world or location like destiny or Warframe from which missions are launched and you can utilize captured tech and upgrade weapons, armor and equipment and build your Spartan or ODST fireteam

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Best I can do is add a desert biome that is only going to be yellow and white. If you want a Halo game to match what Horizon ZD achieved on PS4, you’ll have to wait until the next Xbox where the Series x will be the least capable machine and they drop the original Xbox one.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Biomes and gameplay is what I was hoping Infinite would draw inspiration from.

The created and banished could hijack wildlife like the robot creatures from Horizon and the ancient humans could be the scattered civilizations.

would make for some nice game mechanics to capture units and tech and have stuff like long grass, under water sequences and better exploration and quests

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Absolutely, it would have made use of the mechanics. The Banished creating some super machines and the only way to destroy them is by doing research on what the machines weakpoints are and the best weapons to use on them.

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Exactlyyyy. something along those lines like the banished using captured war sphinxes to make their own slapped together version of Banished rough semi-mechanical elements.

That giant Banished creature with huge guns and armor plates by Infinite artist Ruan Jia was like that

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Would of liked to see weather change in the campaign. Hopefully if a dlc happens it will be some where that gou can travel to and it will be snowing or something.

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