Can we get our flames back?

It seems I still have my armor but the thing I paid a few hundred for is gone.
Something that was offline compatible until 343 decided to change that…
Can you unchanged that for everyone who bought it?..

So all armor is still available for customization use aside from the flames correct? I can’t get online for a while to have a look and was wondering.

Kind of, I thought I heard people saying they lost them
I crashed both times when looking to see if the flames were there. If there is an update that removes them, I might not have gotten that.
For me though, I still have my Reach armor(Not sure about 4)

Okay cool. I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to don my haunted helmet in Reach if I ever decide to play it again for whatever reason. Even just to take a screenshot or two. Thanks.

I hope everything is still there for you
I’m not sure why but my screen will perma freeze at times so I’d have to do a full console restart
That might be unrelated and maybe everything is still there.

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You can technically still equip the armour, though it will only show on the customisation screen. In the pre-game lobby and in any custon matches, the armour will be default with a steel coating. Nothing will be equipped, not even armour effects.

I went into a custom game match
Classic slayer on asylum.
All my armor showed up in the match.

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That’s odd. I went onto Hemorrhage, Classic Slayer, and absolutely nothing showed.

I’ll do it again right now to reconfirm
I checked the the flames right before I made this post.

That is so horrible…
Ironically, the only reason I reset my inheritor rank and got to inheritor again (because making an account online resets that) was so I could use the flames.
I guess without them, I can probably just keep the entire account offline.

Yep, still seeing everything, in third person and co-op as well.

And here I was super depressed over this…
The account was made originally in offline so that might be connected.
They are offline so why not just restore everything or just unlock everything for players as a nice parting gift…

Did you by any chance check with Xbox live before checking offline?
I should mention that I don’t have the account go into live and it remains offline when starting up.

I was playing the game via backwards compatibility on my Xbox One. My Xbox 360 isn’t hooked up. Maybe there is a difference between consoles? I honestly don’t mind creating an offline account purely for the grind. It’s probably a lot easier, actually, given certain exploits.

Honestly not sure which is easier between offline and online grind
Did them both and they both take awhile

Offline had exploits but online had challenges
Cosmetics are built into the game so for people who want them (except for my extremely expensive flames) thankfully there is a way to still get them. And if staying offline keeps them, then that is also nice to know.