Can we get more Community Playdates?

Only like 2 have happened since launch and also they were midday on a weekday rather than afternoon/evening or on a weekend.

Can we get some info in this area?

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The problem with the 343 playdates is that they discriminate against non-US players. You need to match them to get the prize, however since you can’t choose regions to play in and the game matches you with the closest available server, non-US players can’t match them anymore.

As long as this is the case, those playdates are only dividing the community. Either they should make the prize as a twitchdrop in the playdate, like the Grassroots ladies playdate from yesterday, or just wait with the playdate untill they have server selection in the game.

bro im in the US and the playdate was friday at 1pm. Almost any 20+ yr old is at work or in class at that time. I’d be happy if they did a weekend of playdates that are at different times of the day to not screw over non-US players, but so far the playdates have been very Euro-friendly.

Very Euro-friendly?! If you mean the grassroots one from yesterday (since the 343 ones are not gettable for EU-players), it started at midnight for us Europeans… I wouldn’t call that a friendly time.
And for the US-eastcoast (where the leader was from) that was 7pm.
I do agree a saturday would be better, but the time was not per se Euro-friendly…

I’m talking about the playdates where if you played with 343 you got the armor coating and emblem. Theres been like 2 of them and they were 1pm EST both times. Which is prime evening time for Europe

Okay, nice it was ‘prime time’ for Europe, but if you can’t match them, that is completely useless, since that was not a twitchdrop, but a match to win. If you can’t match them, you can’t get it. That it is on EU-primetime doesn’t make it any better.

By the way: i think they didn’t played it on that time to help EU-players, but because it was part of their work and they therefore played it during their working time.

I agree with everything you’re saying. Yeah the server stuff is definitely not helping. Hopefully they will implement a Halo 3-style hopper to choose servers regardless of ping AND have playdates at a variety of times

Could they possibly call them something else? Playdates sounds like we’re all 5 years old. If I’m involved with something called a playdate it better come with a free juice box at the end dang it.