Can we get Daily challenges for Events like the Winter Contingency event?

Ive complained about this before, so I’ll say it again. Events being ‘skill locked’ behind weekly challenges isn’t fun. Playing a game mode I don’t like, isn’t fun.

Same with the Tenrai event, I don’t enjoy heavily competitive modes yet that was locked behind the Fiesta mode.

I don’t understand why we can’t just have it like the Winter Contingency Event where we can just level up one tier per day via Daily Challenge, BUT then have the Weekly Challenges let you progress further.

So far I’ve seen both systems in action and in all honesty I feel like the community would be better off if we saw an integration of both. Not everyone enjoys Competitive PvP (insert fanboys who just tell people to ‘git gud’) yet like in other games we’re not being given a choice. I just like to be able to chill out when I play my games, it’s no fun sweating every single match, it’s why I stopped playing Call of Duty.

I WAS looking forward to this Cyber Event, I had even considered purchasing a bundle because of all the changes I was looking forward too. Yet once again my ability to enjoy an Event has been sabotaged by the lack of options.

Please 343i, don’t force us behind skill walls. Give EVERYONE an opportunity to earn things.