Can we get customizable primary and secondary color options?

Look 343, it’s been real, but the possible colors to choose from are minimal at best. Can I please get proper color customization like in every other halo? You can have your cosmetic pieces, heck gold diamond, idc what you make. Just give me some basic colors please :/.


Huge agree. There are some bare minimum, show of faith type things that 343 could do to earn back community trust, and this would be a huge one.


The idea of shaders expanding options with textures was a nice dream, but they won’t let us customize the textures of what we DO have, and locked anything beyond matte colours in the store or the “vault”.


The shaders should have just been the pattern for where the colors go and if you want the shiny looked you would just have to rock the default colors the shader came with.


Basically everything everyone here has said is the absolute truth. This coating system has and always will be a way to restrict player customization so it can be heavily monetized. They just need to fix it so that we can have a base coating with selectable color options. It doesn’t have to be fancy just choosable by us. They can monetize that by making different versions for the shine or damage and so on and so forth.

Just give people back the option they’ve had for almost two decades that was arbitrarily replaced for a system to make money.


Probably on the roadmap for 2024

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Armor coatings should have worked the same way skins work in Borderlands 3.

The “Skin” is pretty much just the pattern/style but the color scheme was completely up to you.


I miss the accent color being added to my Spartan in a specific area of my choosing.


BIG agree.

I respect the coatings, I do. They’re great for themed colors and patterns, like the various Spartans and eSports teams. HCS as a whole and all that.

But please. I just want my Spartan to be Red, Green and White. It has significant meaning to me, and is a constant in as many games as I can apply it. I wouldn’t even mind paying for patterns and materials, but please give us free reign to color customization.


Been seconding this for ever. Armor Coatings ( as well as Weapon and Vehicle honestly ) should be patterns, for your Spartan. You then get the options of which part of the pattern is what color, preferibly with full RGB slides to pick from the full color pallet. You can also set how dirty the Spartan is as well.

When you first start the game, you have access to a solid color Spartan, from which you get to pick what color the Spartan is.


You peaked my interest. What do those colors mean to you? And why those?
If you don’t mind saying.

No, we want you to pay money -343

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They’re the colors of the MacGregor clan tartan that I wear (MacGregor Red & Green - Modern)

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Can’t agree more.
But I don’t 343 will make it available because it seems they want player to pay more money. :joy:


I find it funny how they spouted player first when marketing these coatings which i call bs on because of it being core locked at launch and how it still doesn’t have color combo’s that players used in the past(for me i used light blue primary and either light purple or pink as a secondary depending on the game)

Also destiny 2’s current shader system is doing what infinite’s coating system does but waaaaaayyyyyy better as you can have multiple shaders on one set of armor


I have heard people have complaints about previous halos, thoughs weren’t bad in my opinion. Now infinite… 343 really messed up with this one…
Super depressing I was so eager for it to come out and we get limited customization, and a half hearted campaign in the name of free to play.
Give me everything else back and I’d of bought the game, what the heck 343.

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The colors to choose from are minimal and at that not good. I like a few of them, but I literally just use camo across all armors. Shame. Although I do really like the idea they were going with.

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I cant believe we are here asking for basic customizations someone made a very sad business modal here !
A short term money making scheme honestly want my money back lol.
Why would you take away the creative aspect of the game surly a natural progression from previous Halo’s would of been Armor mode kind of like forge mode where we can really get creative with our armor and skins and paying for different tiers of creation capabilities i.e. Legendary, onyx and so on.
This would build a community and organic growth also would push an app to be used so much just the app for Armor mode would bring in very high yields in cash flow its a no brainer give us the creation and make money from the tier system .

Couldn’t be more right.

From a developer stand point they want to be able to charge you something for colors. So from that standpoint it makes sense how colors are setup.

But they can earn revenue while doing it the way you describe. Make colors cost something, or make them earned through progression, but allow them to be used however the player wants. One piece of armor, all pieces. You could even a new category for progression/purchase, which could be patterns.

Easy fix that would make the game better to play via customization. I have yet to find a color that I truly like in its current form.


Nope sorry.

That doesnt come until season 5 launching in 2027, and wont work properly until a hotfix coming in the spring update of 2028.