Can We get Bots Please?

So I remember it was a long while ago when a rumor surfaced that they were adding bots to MCC…is this ever going to happen? I really hope it does.


You shouldn’t put much faith in rumors. 343 clarified they use bots internally for testing the CGB and are nothing like you would expect bots to behave. Maybe one day they could implement bots similarly to Infinite. I’ve always believed bots are impossible for the MCC, but maybe anything is possible streaming through UE4. The bots in Infinite are very underwhelming, and when someone quits I would rather the spot remain empty than replace them with a bot.


Unreal 4 isn’t really used for anything but rendering the main menu.

But yeah, the rumors about it from some time ago were because of people seeing code fore CGB testing slot fillers basically.

However, modders have shown very well how capable of campaign style AI in multiplayer are.

UE4 is used to stream all the non-legacy cosmetics to every game. To enable the toggle, the data stream is closed.


Really? That I wasn’t aware of.

Yep, that’s why it’s a UE Fatal Crash when you load into H3 and the skins cause the game to crash. I suspect its an UE bug, and why it’s taking them forever to fix it.

Interesting, I figured UE was just waiting in the background at all times and just crashes because the engine within did, didn’t know it was BECAUSE of Unreal…

As MCC population declines, this feature for every MCC Halo title would be well appreciated by Halo fans. This is my most requested feature which I would rather see over split screen on PC honestly since bots will pay off in the long run.

What about split-screen with bots? Bots are really cool to have, especially for testing out maps, and split-screen makes it easier to play with other people, as well as making forge a much more fun feature to use. Seriously, there is still a TON of potential for MCC.


If I am understanding this correctly you would like split screen to be added as a feature for PC alongside bots, not split screening with a bot.

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Split-screen to be added as a feature for PC alongside with bots, yes. This would allow you to play split-screen with 4 players against an army of bots, just like if Infinite had split-screen.

Heavily agree with you. Every FPS from the early 00s had bots.

I’ve made a post on this, but yes, I agree with you. I really hope that it’s possible, the best thing at the moment is to download a mod by MythicJaqui called “Pit Spartan AI”. It’s not perfect, and it can be somewhat frustrating at times (because the bots are extremely stupid), but it’s the closest thing that we can get.

The downsides include a single map for the mod, you can’t change the weapons the bots spawn in with, no medals/kill confirmation like that in matchmaking (I really wish this wasn’t the case) and overall the bots have a habit to retreat too much.

I hope someone makes an even superior mod in the future, one that’s like a 1:1 match for matchmaking similarly to Infinite’s bots. Bots, on my view, are an amazing way to retain the legacy of the old Halos on MCC, and it’d be such a good casual way to hop on and play for fun without dealing with a lot of the BS that matchmaking tends to offer.