Can we get bots for quitters?

Gow2 had this and worked pretty well. Those Bots would mow u don if not careful. another thing in GOW2 u could rank up the same way as you do in this by playing horde. But you never saw anybody AFK Boost, So what makes a more violent game have a way better community?? People wanting to play Barbie dress up?

Sounds like a achievable idea, perhaps in their next game however. :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly, but the way Halo plays compared to Gears, they would need to be damn smart (friendly AIs aren’t the best in Halo games). All the maps would need to be inserted with coding for them as well which will probably cause difficulty in Forge maps.

It is possible, but unless the AI is perfect they should not make the cut.

There is simply too much to account for in a game of Halo multiplayer for any current form of AI to handle. Gears of War and Call of Duty both have relatively simple game mechanics whereas Halo is all over the place. Maps are a lot different, depend on jumps, etc. It would be difficult to create an AI that can react to every scenario in Halo multiplayer.

Most humans have a difficult time doing that, let alone computer controlled aimbots…