Can we get back accessories for Reach and Halo 4 please?

I love the idea of back accessories for Halo 3, but I think Reach and 4 should get some too, it just feels, kinda weird with Halo 3 being literally the only game to get meaningful cosmetic additions, give Reach and 4 some love too.


Wasn’t there a similar thread to this not long ago?
Because I was thinking about it and Reach and 4 both have Jetpacks whick would clip a lot.


I believe they don’t have back stuff in Reach and 4 due to the slot being occupied by the jetpack, i remember hearing the jetpack is also why the acrophobia skull doesn’t work there too.

Honestly clipping wouldn’t bother me at all, plenty of Halo’s armor has clipped in the past, who cares. As for the jetpack being the reason acrophobia skull hasn’t been added, what’s the excuse for CE, 2, and ODST?

The back accessories you mention, what would they do? I’m assuming they’d nullify an opponent’s shot as you were backtracking.

I wouldn’t mind this as long as we get Black Undersuit as an option for Halo 4 as well

Back accessories would be cosmetic, same as they are in Halo 3.

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Yeah I’d be down for black undersuit toggle in H4.

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The post was disingenuous - @Dirty_Nurse is well aware of the answer to their question.


A lot more people than you would assume, it’s why they pulled the second machete off of sword and board

As for the skull, iirc it’s because the engine in Reach uses the actual function that allows acrophobia to work. However with regards to the other titles, it’s simply because it isn’t set up in CE (but can be), and 2 might be due to the elite rangers using the same function making it exceptionally tricky with Halo 2’s engine issues.

Halo 2 rangers are just flying bipeds like Sentinel or guilty spark, every biped can have a forward/backward/side-sideup/down speed for flying mode independently of their walking speed, it’d be cooler if they just gave us full control to switch to flying mode with Acrophobia.

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Completely agree with you Revan. In 4 and Reach, jet packs aren’t always on, in fact most of the time they aren’t. Might it be possible to either let them clip with your back accessory, or remove/make the accessory invisible whenever a jetpack is equipped? I have no game development experience, so I don’t know how the jetpacks impact things or if what I’m proposing is possible, but I personally wouldn’t mind the clipping, especially since I won’t really be the one noticing it. If the clipping is too much, you could just not wear an accessory on your back. The jetpacks already clip in vehicles I believe (and if they don’t that’s dealt with somehow) and we have back accessories in Halo 3 and they’re awesome, so I don’t see why they couldn’t be added. More customization, especially something with so much potential like this is a good thing, even if some things clip here and there. Not only could Reach and 4 benefit a lot from this, but so could Halo 2/2A, and Halo 3: ODST, and there are even more backpacks for Halo 3 that could be added.

Some of my ideas:

For Reach:

  • Jorge’s backpack
  • Carter’s satchel
  • Jun’s satchel
  • Cortana Chip Capsule
  • Various Marine backpacks from campaign
  • The Re-Entry pack Noble 6 wears in “Long Night of Solace”
  • other accessories from Halo 3 like Sword and Board, ODST packs, etc.

For 4

  • The Nuke Warhead Chief carries in Midnight
  • other accessories from Halo 3 like Sword and Board, ODST packs, etc.

For 2/2A/ODST/3

  • Marine backpacks seen in the campaigns
  • ODST backpacks from Halo ODST (for 3, and as an option in ODST should it ever get per-piece)
  • Elite back customization

Yeah I honestly wouldn’t have an issue with the clipping, but a decent number might.
It’s only really jarring to me when I’m trying to take Screenshots.

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One issue, specifically for Reach, is that the backs of players have colors of their armor ability, so at a quick glance you know what your teammates are armed with or enemies have. It’s a small thing that most players don’t really rely on, but there is probably an audience that uses it.
In 4, though, many of them use the same model and textures so it isn’t an issue. In fact, the jetpack is so small that many back items could go over it easily.
If neither Reach or 4, they’d definitely work in 2: Anniversary.

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The AA’s are on the spartans lower back in Reach tho, in H3 most of the back accessories are on the upper back, that shouldn’t be an issue.

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Personally, I cannot recall a single time when being able to see the small colored portion of a player’s back had any impact on my decision making while playing, and I’m willing to bet for most players it’s the same situation. Armor abilities are just easy enough to tell once players decide to activate them, and when I actually get behind an enemy and am able to see their armor ability, I’m not even looking at it. Instead, I’ll be trying to melee them for a back smack/assassination, survey the area and wait for the right moment to start attacking, or simply begin attacking them.

As you said it’s such a small thing that many people don’t even notice, and seeing as Reach has been out for over 10 years now, I don’t think it would be enough of an issue to deny adding a feature that has so much cool potential customization and content tied to it. Of course, were it enough of an issue they could add a toggle for it, and the existing toggle would presumably cover it.

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I would love to cover up Halo 4’s disgusting jetpack.