Can we get an unranked playlist

So I am one of those super sweaty players that everyone hates, but I feel like an unranked playlist where you have the same setup as ranked (BR start, no radar and so on), but without ranks and not affecting your MMR would be really good and something a lot of people would love. Right now, I end up going into SWAT to play casually and will probably go to Team Snipers when that comes out, but wouldn’t it be good to have a playlist where people could get that feel of ranked without feeling a pressure from MMR and ranks and also giving sweaty people like me a place to warm up before going into ranked?

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So just like the hardcore modes that were in Reach - I approve, I liked those.

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No thanks, I don’t mind if they make them but would greatly prefer it if the deva didn’t to preserve the match making etc.

I don’t like all the splits. Pick a style and be done with it.
Radar or not radar. BR or AR starts etc pick one or make a new game mode without all the same rules…but having two of every list for this weapon divide is silly and bad for the game.

but having everything be AR starts and radar and then rank being BR and no pistol is also just as of a bad strategy to deliver the game to me, so…

I don’t want twice as many Playlist with that setup or any setup.