Can we get an option to toggle off any cosmetic?

I really really would appreciate if this was an option. Let me cater the experience to my own liking as much as I can.

People who pay for cosmetics won’t see or notice a difference, and no; just because they are paid cosmetics doesn’t mean this shouldn’t be a thing and it wouldn’t deter people from buying them.

For Honor did it for it’s VFX and it was fine.

OR, just make a Canon toggle. So, all VFX, all cat ears and flowers and bunnies and weapon charms don’t have to be seen.

Halo can be for those that want it to look like Halo and people who love the sparkles.


A million times this. Yes this is what we need.


Its really weird how 343 has recently made multiplayer feel less cannon than ever, despite their weird insistance that it is canon.

Halo multiplayer in the bungie days? Not cannon, but the craziest thing was some armor with some samurai-like shapes, some silly particle effects, and like a skull helmet? Most of which was fairly tricky to get.

Halo multiplayer in the 343 days? Cannon, but apparently people have cat ears, interdimensional equipment, holographic punk hair or bunny ears, witchdocter helmets, and other nonsense. A lot of it is either free or just a few dollars away.


For Honour is a third person game so you can still see what your character looks like. So you still get what you’re paying for.

Whereas in Infinite you paying to look a certain way since it’s first person. An option that restricts that would make customisation pointless because nobody can see what your Spartan looks like.


It wouldn’t be nobody and you would hardly even know anyway. Not to mention, you still see your Spartan plenty. (UI, Dying, using equipment or vehicles)


I didn’t spend hard earned cash just so you could choose not to look at my abomination.

But for real, I guess I don’t have a good argument against this. I can’t see them devoting development resources to anything like this though, especially since cat ears on players doubles as marketing for the in-game shop.


Marketing or generating further loathing? Both?

There is no good argument against it, and it’s never wrong to just want quality of life improvements.

This subject keeps popping up, and so it should, the thing I liked about mcc mp is I could toggle off cosmetics, I like Halo to be Halo, most of the time Infinite seems like it’s turning into a light circus with this kill effect, or that glowing thing, and it’s gonna get worse.

I would happily pay for a toggle switch, really. At least as a bare minimum toggle things like kill effects and glowing things


How far would they go with cosmetics… Would turning them off just showcase default Mark VII Spartans with maybe coatings on or something?

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Marketing. You may not like them, but the existence of premium armor pieces showing up in matchmade games is in it of itself a way to market the in-game store.

Uh… yeah I just said that. Thanks.

I agree :slight_smile:

Yeah… hard to take multiplayer as ‘canon’ with cat ears ridiculous weapon charms

I think thats absolutely stupid and ridiculous that you want to divide yourself from the cosmetic experience because OG Halo players are too hardcore to look at flowers.

Sure, if you like this feature. Only if the toggle turns everyone into a grey MARK VII with no attachments on, including yourself. Thats fine by me.


I’d love that feature but it’ll never happen.

  • Selling cosmetics are the primary source of income in Infinite

  • It has been proven several times, that people want other people to see their cosmetics, i.e. look at my cool helmet dude. If you could just toggle these off, why should anyone buy them.

I can’t remember the name of the publication but it was from several years ago and had DotA 2 and LoL as game studies.


I feel like this is the only way it would work? Like. You can’t just choose to turn off cat ears or whatever, that’d be way too many toggles. So the Jorge fit, the Master Chief green anniversary coating, any vehicle coating you might actually like… they’ll probably do one toggle if they do this at all and shut everything off, considering the amount of effort they give to things in general.

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Nah… I specifically want people to have to put up with my cat ears.

Nobody gets to suppress each other’s personal expression. Besides. Just think of them as aural sensor equipment.


i dont even know why people are not ashamed playing halo with cat ears.

i already hated the pre game team introduction sequence, another 10 seconds before the round starts and i -Yoink!- dont care


I wouldn’t hold my breath for that feature to be added. 343 has more pressing issues to deal with right now and when they officially made multiplayer a simulation in canon that opened the door for non-canon cosmetics. Also, they’re trying to compete with the likes of Fortnite.

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No, the two ideas presented were being able to toggle off whatever you want or just a non-canon toggle. Aka, everything silly.

It’s ok if you think it’s ridiculous and stupid, you wouldn’t have to use it. You wouldn’t even really know if someone else was.

And no, it shouldn’t make everyone default. It should just toggle off everything that doesn’t fit the fiction at the bare minimum.

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The toggle at the bare minimum just needs to turn off everything non-canon. Fractures, bunny ears, VFX & all other dainty things.