Can we get an official 343 explanation what happened with the watchdog armor coating?

We were promised one thing and got another. Could we please at least get an explanation as to why?


Yeh been complaining about this too. I’m 152 and yet my armour skin looks generic and it needs to be fixed.


Its nice to see 3000 hrs spent for SR152 was worth it (people even spent money for the girnd to get the legendary booster pack). First screwed the Skin, then made the only good thing from 152 grind (the weapon skin) and give it to everyone for free. They Basically used Bait and switch tactic with us. So i didn’t have that much hopes left in 343 to keep there promises. So i feel ur frustration bro :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

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I made post 2 months now and it has so many people who has been asking the same question. At this point i have no hope at 343.

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There are a lot of things 343 is avoiding, like the road map that actually bothers me that they can’t even come up with one. I’ve been reading through a lot of post and I can’t help but think way does this beta have the absurd amount of issues that it does?

343 released a broken beta and has barely done anything about it. Now I understand any new releases will have their issues, but it’s way beyond the norm that it is unacceptable.

  1. There was absolutely no need for Halo to become a live service. There is literally barely anything in this beta that actually requires it.

  2. The beta was built around a broken shop. They literally lied to the player base face about the customization in this beta, that they claimed there were hundreds of more options then there actually is for both paying, and none paying players.

  3. The drastic changes with how things played out like BTB was completely unnecessary. That the BP challenges ruined BTB that 343’s asinine decisions creating it was based around the BP, and that is just BTB. Do I dare mention anything else in how poorly the game modes actually are or how the map designs actually are in infinite?

  4. The basics of what Halo has had over the years is almost non-existent.

  5. The one that is majorly hurting infinite. WTF is the content for this beta?

I only listed a couple of things wrong with the this beta out of the (Huge) list that can be made. Some might be annoyed that most of my replies are negative, but what’s more annoying is how this generation just excceps mediocre work from a multi-billion dollar company that literally had all the resources they needed.

Personally, I wish Microsoft would man up like Activision did with Bungie and get on their a** to produce content for the beta. It’s freaking 2022 and 343 is acting like this is the first time they ever created a game, but they applied the worst aspects of a game


Facts right there is this game tgat was supposed to next gen game 28 gb were as games like Call of duty, Apex, Outriders more than 50 gb even Halo 5 was 100 gb. that means its missing lot of content. it feels more like a beta than actual release game. i have lost hopes on 343 at this point with all the stuff they did.


It got copyright striked by Ubisoft.

Im confused. Did Ubisoft copyright strike halo or something

I am making a loose joke in reference to Watch Dogs the game vs. Watchdog the Armor Coating.


Ohh my bad brother. I didn’t get it at first :rofl::+1:

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Is cool.

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Its been 2 months and they are still silent about the SR152 Armor Coating. Im not sure if 343 will fix anything anymore.

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I’ll give you the easiest explanation I’ve been able to come up with across my dozen or so rants on Watchdog, (In a way even 343 can understand, because at this point there’s no point keeping up with civility if they won’t treat their players with a civil attitude and actually work to fix problems.)

343 big man, stomp little people and big problems for ill deserved cash.

In literate wording for the fans and not the dinosaurs:

343 is just a bunch of money hungry, self centered rich people who are in it for the money. They made Infinite and decided to wash their hands of anything which was a problem at launch while making mediocre changes to the system despite thousands of complaints from fans since day one. They don’t seem to care about Watchdog, they don’t seem to care about the work we put in, they don’t seem to care that they’re putting some of the strongest, most devoted fans of the series six feet under for the sake of being able to sell certain things in an item shop with enough trash to make a city park seem like it’s the cleanest damn place on Earth. Point is, there are a dozen reasons but they all seem to boil down to one core belief.

Screw the player.

I really hate saying that, but Infinite has been nothing but proof of this. They screwed every kind of fan, but they screwed us the hardest because of every fan, we put in the work where the casuals wouldn’t. We put in the work where the roleplayers never saw a point in (I was a roleplayer, so this is self hypocrisy, actually. But I’m still proof that you can get 152 and roleplay.) We put in the work where the HCS players were usually too busy pulling perfections and hitting Champion One every season. Our side boils down to one core reason as well.

We put in the work.

Yet here we are. Unrecognized, put up on the shelf to gather dust along with all of the other kinds of players 343 has caught and put on display. But there is one glaring problem with 343’s master plan…

They tried to forget about a group who won’t settle for being another glorified dust collector. We put in hundreds of days, where others put in hours and lost hope or motivation. We fought for our title, and we won’t become another pretty trophy on the wall. We put in the work, and I’ll be -Yoink!- if I don’t fight to be recognized like I should be. Besides, dust belongs on Recruit Grey, not Watchdog.