Can we get a reasonable compromise on deranking and bans from ranked games?

This isn’t a post about fixing PC crashes and other issues that cause players to leave a game, but about how those actions are “punished,” given that in almost all cases, the player is not quitting the game (but in 100% of cases, they are reprimanded as if they quit the game).

It’s tough to eliminate crashes, I get it. But the way those crashes are handled by the matchmaking and ranking systems can and should be addressed quickly. I’ve now gone down 31 CSR points in the last 2 days from the game crashing. Even if I had quit, there needs to be a grace period (say, 1 or 2 “free” quits") per day to accommodate this, assuming the system can’t differentiate between a lag-out, crash, or voluntary quit.

The way the system more gently handles 3 on 4 matchups for your rank is a great improvement, but please understand that the missing player likely didn’t intend to leave the game, and should be similarly unpunished to an extent.

Please, just give us a compromise.

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