Can we get a PvE Flood Mode like CoD's Zombies

CoD has Zombies, Gears has Horde.

I know Halo has had Firefight and later Warzone Firefight, but these just felt too much like the campaign and not like a unique PvE survival mode. Possibly by Season 2, could we get a PvE Flood Mode against overwhelming waves on Flood Infection forms on a map made just for this mode? 1-4 players.

Flood Infection is fun but it’s still PvP.

I think Halo needs an official PvE horde mode staple that is updated with each season and a new map. Could even make it possible to make forge maps for this mode down the road. CoD Zomies and Gears Horde is a ton of fun and attracts a whole fan base just in these particular modes. We don’t need a Campaign’ish PvE mode, that’s what coop is for.

theres a flood mode in the works and i think it involves AI. probably gonna come out in season 2 my guess

That would be so amazing! I really do hope they make it a staple mode and not something half-developed that only runs for a few weeks at a time.

I’ll give you my money