can we get a more halo 3 styled Eva helmet?

The newer variations of the helmet make the visor a lot more thin. The big dome just seems a lot cooler IMO.

Just a small request.

Yeah, I would like more variations, all the while rocking H3 eva.

I’m not really a fan of eva but I’d say Reach had the better one.

Really? That helmet looked more ridiculous to me than every Halo 4 helmet. The bubble was way too huge.

I like the new EVA better than the old one. It is more streamlined and is much more elegant.

…What’s wrong with the Reach one?

Not a fan of EVA but I would love Hayabusa to return

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> Not a fan of EVA but I would love Hayabusa to return

i think it would be cool but im not sure what the licensing for it would be. Because hayabusa is owned by a different company plus Ninja Gaiden hasn’t been producing any thing lately

I would love for Halo 3 armor to return. I think the Halo 4 armor is trash and it doesn’t look any better to me in Halo 5.

Think about what this would mean for the Meta!!!1!!!

But yeah, I liked the look of Halo 3’s EVA with the markings and stuff.

Reach had the best EVA.

It’s looks ridiculous in Halo 3 and Halo 4 … but more so in Halo 3.

I prefer the Halo Reach EVA helmet! So amazing. closely followed by the one from Halo 3

I do like the Halo 3 EVA the best as well. On a side note, the Reach / 4 EOD was better designed than it’s Halo 3 counterpart.