Can we get a 'bulk sell' option for our REQ cards?

I have a LOT of REQ cards and because I don’t play Warzone frequently enough, I have loads of one-time use cards, some weapons were over 70/80 in count.

Took me quite a long time to go through and sell all the cards I don’t want, 343i, is there any chance of getting a bulk sell option?
Ie.: Sell cards, “How Many?”, x11, SOLD.

What does everyone else think?

How to sell a req card by quantity:

(number of reqs) x (base amount of the req points) = Req points you receive


Rocket Launcher (10reqs) x Base (100req points) = 1000 req points

This is how it should work.

You’re welcome:

That’s nice and all guys - but certainly in-game would be a better option.


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> You’re welcome:

That’s not an ideal option. Why can’t they put this feature in the game. We’ve only been asking since this game launched

I’m pretty sure the option for mass sell is somewhere on Waypoint. My friends were talking about that sometime… I think.

This is amazing.