Can we get a "boxing" mode?

Ok we know the Spartans in Infinite can melee without weapons, so can we please get a mode or option for customs where we can spawn without weapons? It could open the game up to a lot of cool ideas in the future.


Halo 5 was this.

You can fight without using your weapons with the ground pound and spartan charge.

But you know. No one likes fun things

I would absolutely love fist fighting in halo. It’s how Spartans fight most of the time actually


Had a similar thought, and actually had a dream of Jeff saying “Fist Fight” lol

Would be cool to have a no weapon game mode

True, they removed a lot of fun things from H5, but hey the game is still young and maybe we get something like that in the future. Fist Fight with unlimited thruster.

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I’m pretty sure you can set the starting weapons to “none” in Customs.

Wouldn’t be the same as a fully dedicated fight mode where you can throw a punch with each hand independently instead of just meleeing

It would be nice if they could enable dropping both of your weapons. Currently you can drop one of your weapons with the drop key but you can’t drop your last weapon for some reason (and implementing this shouldn’t be too hard since you can already play without weapons).
It’d be funny to see in multiplayer that an enemy drops both of his weapons to signal “Fight me!” XD

You can’t. I’ve tried.

You 100% cannot do that, I’ve tried too. I hope 343 decides to make it a themed update if they do add it. Like boxing styled armor and adding fist fight as a custom mode or setting.