Can we get 24m radar back...?

18m in a game with sprint.

People can sneak up on you while running.


18m is more then fine enough for me. You people need to learn to pay better attention to your surroundings instead of just barreling through, relying to heavily on the motion tracker to do all the work for you.

It actually extends past 18’ technically too. The outter edge will highlight if gun fire, vehicles are active a little bit beyond the 18’.

For those who want to see what 18’ equates too, I captured it on a screenshot long ago here:

If you still want it back, you can play customs with it on, you head over to the Master Chief Collection for them. This is how it is in Infinite though.

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Didn’t the radar range receive a buff a couple months ago?

It gives you plenty of information now.

Only in BTB, where it was needed since you normally saw the enemies well before they got into your radar’s range lol. The smaller maps don’t need to extend the range of the motion tracker at all.

It’s just not the same halo without the motion tracker with a longer range. Planning ahead is a diffrerent beast now. Before I could literally plan out attacks in different stages depending on what I saw on the radar. No it’s fells more reaction instead of plannning to me personally


Every halo changes something about the franchise if you haven’t noticed. This is one of Halo Infinite’s features that differs it from the rest, and it’s perfectly fine to use at 18’.

I just disagree makes the game less fun to each there own though doubt it’ll be changed

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You’re JOKING. You’ve got the edge-of on the radar which tells you everything, what more do you NEED? Do you want a minimap that shows their facing direction too? Sheesh, maybe some words that explicitly say above or below, even though height indicators DO exist? Maybe readouts of healthbars and what weapons they’re carrying and even how much ammo they have! How about their cooldowns?


it does seem that the range now benefits campers more since they can focus more on the radar where with the longer ranges you might be able to catch someone slippin and know where to be more cautious. i prefer no radar over anything though. also i havent played long enough yet, im only back because of the mouse change which has been a blessing.

They changed it in 5 for no reason. They’re not reverting it any time soon. I think it’s their way of being “different” than their more successful predecessor. They should remove it entirely since they want their game to be as competitive as possible.

If anything I’d prefer if it went back to how it was in the infinite beta not a radar, but a motion dector

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How about we highlight people for shooting instead of running in the first place?

It’s actually a motion sensor, we had this augment back in the Halo 2 days. Anyway…

How about no motion sensor and make audio matter?

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I can’t say i’ve noticed. much of a difference. The outer edge of the radar even glows if some is spirting.

So just get rid of established lore and gameplay mechanics. They should get right on that

Yes, get rid of it and make the audio matter. You know, like directional foot step audio. It’s a thing these days.

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Sprinting is the keyword. Sprint and shoot are worthy highlights, because Sprint is the gateway to advanced movement tech. So it’s important to highlight it.

Strange how sprint doesn’t hurt anyone at all in literally every other shooter out there, only in Halo it’s and “issue”… And with the maps designed in such a way that requires you to sprint, even for a mere. 0.5m just to jump onto an edge, it’s a really bad decision to highlight players for it. And waiting whole 8s only to resoawn on the far opposite site of the map away from objective doesn’t help either. I remember when motion tracker was first implemented into Halo and everyone universally complained, saying (frightfully) thgat it’s basically a wallhack as it gives away the enemy position just like that, not as a reward for something but it’s just there, permanently, I guess after all those years people just got used to it, but nothing changed, it’s still a bad, broken design that kills all the packing tactical gapproach and skill, because map awareness and movement is a part of it, and here it’s completely gone.fl

Who said anything about Sprint being bad? But highlighting advanced movement on the motion tracker is worthwhile.

Everyone? Year ago when the game launched a lot, of not the majority of discussion was about sprint, which people called, and I quote, “GAME-BREAKING”. It’s just… moving faster, doesn’t"break" any of those dozens of hames out there, and in Halo particularly you barely run any faster than your normal movement speed is to begin with, it’s only useful for engaging slide or jumping onto a high edge, nothing more.