Can we discuss halo 4 screenshots?


They aren’t leaks.

We can in 2 hours 30 minutes, if they’re authorized by Microsoft.

> They aren’t leaks.

Yes they are. Anything not officially posted on this site or to media by 343 or Microsoft directly is considered leaked material. I imagine that discussion of this material is probably prohibited until properly unveiled.

Feel free to discuss the armour as we’ve seen it in screenshots in the past.
As for certain other details, I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait till official word from 343.

When I say official I mean a bulletin/blog post/video from 343 directly :slight_smile:

Till then. Post here to your heart’s content.


I don’t think so, Discussing leaks is against forum rules I believe.

> fingers=long=ugly


Is this all they showed at the Xbox Spring Showcase?

Continue the conversation here, guys. Thanks :slight_smile: