Can we be serious this time?

I am extremely disapointed in this game. 343, you guys are blowing it right now! You delayed the game a whole year, with fan support mind you. And then you release this beta build, pat yourselves on the back, and go on a 2-3 month hiatus without giving any sort of detail as to when things for this game are coming out… Everyone knows this game is incomplete. Where are the game modes? Where are all the other classic Halo guns? Not that many maps. BTB is sometimes unplayable. I get Forge needs work, but why not jsut have custom games integrated with a bunch of options? No firefight? On top of that you have the least intuitive ‘COD copy’ of a menu UI. No career stats. The ping goes crazy sometimes. Can’t even pick which region you’re matchmaking…

Just admit you released it incomplete so you can milk the community for the cosmetics. Just admit that and I will respect it. But so far you guys have not given any detail as to what the plans are. Makes me twonder if YOU guys even know what they are. Any Devs wanna comment on that? Anyone else feel this way?


Could be worse.
At least we got cat ears at an affordable price


I guess affordable is relative…
People are starving to death.
A family could live off the price of spartan cat ears for a week.
Welcome to the forums.
Dont listen to me, you’ll get depressed.


Just a shame that they aren’t available on ALL helmets.

Imagine wearing Emile’s EVA Carved helmet… with kitty ears?


Is the smg and carbine to much to ask for? Lol. Seriously man, wheres the classic weapons


Future updates.

Carbine is leaked to be the first weapon to return.


It better be exactly the same. I hope they don’t ruin it


I want my haunted helmet to have cat ears, when the day comes.
And not one day before
Edit- instead of a spartan skull, could it be a cat skull? Thatd be sick


I’m just begging for the Region change… My gigabit connection sux from EU to US… It’s like the ranked matches are unplayable like this. Be good but I need to predict their movement and fire where will they go instead of where they are… Its f…in insane.


It would really help.
Theres so much to be done, so much that was left out.

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I turned of to show my ms. I play ranked matches at 243 ms, SERIOUSLY? Man… It could be done faster. If they needed shut down their servers like old days or I dont know but this must to be fixed asap.

It wouldn’t of hurt to delay the game an extra year if you ask me. We’re big into LAN parties, Halo Infinite did bring that back for us. The whole LAN server was broken the week of launch, that was the first time we did a LAN with Halo Infinite.

We did a LAN this past Saturday and the LAN server seemed a little better, nobody had problems connecting but after a few games they would drop where before people would still drop but they also couldn’t join the LAN server. We have one guy on very old hardware, not sure what CPU he’s on, but he’s running DDR3 RAM, a GTX 970 and a SATA SSD. I’m on a 3080 with a NVMe Gen 4, another guy is on a 3080 with a NVMe Gen 4, ones on a 3080 Ti with a NVMe Gen 4 and another on a 2080 with a NVMe Gen 3 and another on a Series X. Loading into games on LAN, the guy with the 970 would sometimes load in first while others were at a black screen waiting to load, I was LAN host the whole night. Even the Series X would sometimes be at a black screen. This is a for sure sign that hardware is not an issue.

We also went online to play a couple games of BTB, not everybody would load in.

The game is pretty much still in it’s beta phase.


No its not. Carbine had a lot of work already finished yes, but that does not mean it’ll necessarily be the first weapon to come back. The way I see it Carbine wouldn’t really do anything for Infinite because there is already the Stalker rifle.

Right now this is Destiny 2 base game all over again.

Both games were stripped to barebone.
Both games engine was updated that has issues.
Both games made sure the shop was up and running and their main priority.
Both companies made false promises and refuse to follow through with their own words.
Both companies completely change the game to fit their own personal needs and wants.
Both companies have put minimal effort into producing content for their game, etc…

At this point 343 has followed every BS move, cheap tactics, etc… that Bungie did with Destiny 2 so they can condition players to play the game how they want them to play. This game is being created only for 343, not the player base and I have no respect for companies that abuse their player base like this.

Not even the campaign is worth $60 seeing how poorly was designed with the empty open world. 343 pulled a Bungie and things are going to get worse over time.


Only reason I didn’t buy them.

I could care less about the aesthetics. That said…

That ping. For me, it’s like 70 on average, then will spike to 180+ and jump up and down erratically. It’s my number one reason I started playing MCC again, and Halo Wars 2. I want a consistent experience, and that’s what Halo Infinites worst problem is. It’s inconsistent from the ground up with its systems.

Aim assist
Rocket damage

I could go on.

I’m astonished that with all the flack they’ve gotten, they’ve offered nothing as an apology. Especially the campaign… it is so desolately empty, and yet the 2/3s of it that were cut will most likely be sold back to us at a premium.

“live service campaign” my -Yoink!-


That’s cus they want to sell them to you per helmet, just like the default colors.

After playing the campaign, I fond it hard to believe they couldn’t put co op campaign in it. I’m convinced it’s the same build that the devs played when testing it. It’s just a beta build.

Interesting. Do you think that they have a more complete build they haven’t shared yet? Maybe they’ll be asking us for $60 for that next year?