Can they realize this is an "M" rated game....

Ok back in Halo 2 you had the ability to name a game or mode anything you wanted. I really can’t think of it having a filter[however it was long ago maybe it did].

However Halo3 and on has some of the WORST and most childish filters ever created. Assault is bad [because -Yoink- is in it] I had a Lockout map that was blocked [not sure why]. And overall words with any sign of a foul word are banned and -blam-.

This is an “M” rated game. We dont have blood and guts, it doesn’t have cursing and crazy yelling. Do they need to make this even more childish -__-.

It’s an M rated game. No map name should be banned. At al.


The reason it’s filtered now is because we can share them via the file share. We couldn’t do that in Halo 2.

Plus, they’re well aware that some of the people who play Halo aren’t quite at the recommended age rating.

He’s got a point. I hate that I cant use the word Scimitar. I don’t know why? Or Assault. It’s the name of a freaking gametype already in the game.

I don’t think swearing is bad, but the fact that people can get away with callsigns like C. U. M.? Let’s block the sexual stuff, it doesn’t need to be there. Can’t say “Look at this suicide!!” but people can spam with “Kat Nude!”