Can the CE Code be split

Hello 343,

I have an interesting request that i am hoping you may be able to help me with. I recently opened my Halo 5 CE and noticed that there is only one code for the game and all the extra CE goodies. Here is the conundrum that i happen to be in. I was lucky enough to win a copy of Halo 5 from a Twitch stream with Strongside and that is the game that i redeemed to my account. I assumed (and that is probably why we are here) that the CE codes would all be separated like most other games and that i could just add the bonus content and spread the love with the actual game.

I know there was a disc exchange program that ended a couple of weeks ago where Microsoft was able to take the CE game code and split it up into the physical disc and the bonus content. I am hoping that the devs here may be able to do this. Either with a digital game or a physical disc, whichever way is fine! I had a chat with Microsoft support this morning and they suggested that i post on here to see if somebody is able to resolve the issue since they don’t have access to the correct site anymore.

Any suggestions or info on who i should contact is appreciated!

The disc exchange program has expired, the code you have is for the digital deluxe and can not be split as it’s a bundle download.

That is correct, but there is a way this can be done. With the exchange program they ran, they were able to split up the codes from the bundle. Somebody has that ability (if i can get in touch with the right people).

They didn’t split the codes, they just redeemed or disabled the codes and generated a new one for just the extra items

i sincerely wish the program was extended, i just opened my collectors edition that was a gift and would much much much rather have a disc than a code