Can’t melee boarded Wraiths

So there I am… boarded an enemy Wraith and can’t melee it. Isn’t this game out of the Beta?

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They changed the key control, it is no longer the melee button, you know, like any sensical person would make it, which has been the standard un every game except this one just to add more frustration.

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Weird because the prompt was RB To Melee and RB didn’t melee

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You on Xbox? I am on PC

for some dumb reason the prompt is for the wrong button. friends on PC have mentioned this issue and I’ve experienced it as well on Xbox Series S

I don’t know what to do when I hop on a wraith. My grenades are LT but it seems to actually be RT for the action while boarded, even while prompted as LT. I’ve definitely just clung on and died like a fly before.

as have i. as have i :sob:

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i gotta mention you cant destroy wraiths with grenade.

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And it sure takes a lot more rockets than it ever did before to deal with the Scorpion

This happened to me yesterday on a scorpion. Said to press RB (my melee) and nothing.