Can’t finish the weekly ultimate challenge- not registering

I have a problem- weekly ultimate :
Earn Double Kills in PvP
I tried in few games in different modes and in each game I have 2 or 3 medals for double kills ( it’s in my game history for checking)
I played:
Quick play
Tactical slayer
Team slayer
No matter what I tried or where- the game just not registered my accomplishment ,even that I have the medals for double kills.
I finished every weekly , season and pass challenge until now.It’s so frustrating.


Seems like everyone is having this issue. Thankfully it’s at least during a week where the reward is absolute poop.

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It’s so bad , I will try tomorrow

Ok guys, it’s seem that the challenge was fixed with the new reset. I managed to complete it with two games on quick play.Everything was counting properly now.

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