Can strongholds not appear 75% of the time

Out of every gametype halo has ever made . strongholds ranks in the top 3 worst gametypes created. You were able to ship the game with this junk but not every classic game mode that made halo, halo? Garb garb

Its basically just king of the hill…

Honestly I want to see headhunter and VIP come back, oh AND infection. Got my hopes up when I saw it restored in H2A. Now I’m sitting here thinking what the heck… I was looking forward to infection customs with the (hands down) AMAZING forge were about to get our hands on.


It’s not even close to koth.

It wouldn’t be as bad if the mechanic allowed scoring wether having the majority of hills or not. It’d basically be domination from COD (which im fine with because that’s a good gametype.) But It’s not, and so I agree with you.

I rather play KOTH and Oddball.

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> Its basically just king of the hill…

I think it’s a lot more like territory from halo reach. But hey, where is KOTH?

Just need a team when playing SH!

I’m not too much a fan of it either