Can SPARTAN-III's switch armor?

I’m specifically talking about Noble Team. Is it possible that everyone (except Jorge) wore SPI Armor then they were trained to wear MJOLNIR Armor? Or, were they just put into the program as kids and trained specifically for some time, then finally put in MJOLNIR armor?

That’s just a question thats been bugging me since I’ve started reading Ghosts of Onyx, which is a good book btw.

Noble’s history really isn’t given, so without any concrete details of their previous assignments and equipment, this question will likely go unanswered. I’ll be honest though, a question that bugged me a lot when I first played Reach, was how they can even use MJOLNIR to begin with. SIII’s are not physically modified with the reinforcements needed to withstand the forces of the armor on the user. I think looking at Halo4 though, it seems like it may be a given that ONI was able to tune or modify the armor for use on normal people, since the IV’s also may not be modified. Though the time difference between the invasion at Reach and creation of SIV is pretty large at 4 years. A lot can happen in that amount of time.

Is it possible that Project CHRYSTHANTHEMUM may have something to do with it? Since in the ‘Birth of a Spartan’ trailer, it shows Carter going under the project while he was on Onyx. Also it has been said that ONI did infact give Noble Team striped-down versions of Mark V during their battles on Reach.