Can someone with Halo 4...

Post a screenshot or link to their stats in WayPoint, I think we all would like to take a peek, or atleast see the medals available in the game.

I’ll edit the link to original post if someone is kind enough to share.

And here we go:

Edit: If this is forbidden, mods lock this thread.


His Avatar is probably his Halo 4 in-game Spartan Armor - It’s a red Spartan with Recruit armor, with a blue visor.

Im really curious cause i’ve looked at some service records who have played Halo 4 and they all have earned the Unfriggenbelieveavle medal in their top medals section.

Does this mean that medals from Campaign are taken into account, not just WG and SO?

Or are they all ridiculously good? :wink:

My K/D is terrible.

These Stats look nice.