Can Someone Put HW2's Soundtrack Tracks In Order?

For MOST Halo game soundtracks, the music tracks play in more or less the order they show up in-game, which is just the way I like it. However, the soundtracks for H1 Anniversary, H2 Anniversary, and Halo Wars 2 are notable exceptions; when I bought H1A & H2A’s OSTs on iTunes, I had to carefully listen to each track, jot down its original-game-OST equivalent, and put them in proper order.

I’d like to do that with Halo Wars 2’s soundtrack (, but I’m not as familiar with the music as I am with H1 & H2’s. I KNOW it’s out of order, because - for example - the opening Main Menu’s theme is at the start of Disc 2, basically making it #22 out of 38.

Could anybody please try to list the tracks in more-or-less the order they first show up in game (Main Menu, then opening cinematics’ music, then music that first plays in Campaign Mission 1, and so on), with multiplayer-exclusive tracks listed after all the ones that play in Campaign), so I can re-order them in my iTunes library and listen to them in the proper order?

(In case you can’t tell, I’m high-functioning [Why is this censored?] (formerly known as Asperger’s before that got shoved under the [Why is this censored?] umbrella) with hints of OCD; doing things In Order and On Schedule is one of the most important things in life)

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