Can someone please help?

I have a family plan for XBOX live. My son has an account on the family plan, however I have the settings set so that he cannot add microsoft points and buy stuff without me doing it. He gave me $20 and asked if I would download the new Halo 4 map pack, which I did under my gamertag. Now he cant use them unless he logs on as me. Under the family plan we have never had an issue sharing map packs, but these seems to be different. Does anybody know if this is a problem I can fix without having to buy it again, I dont even play the game and he doesnt want to log in as me to play with his friends. I cannot find any way to contact the folks at 323 to even ask them. I am surly willing to transfer it to him but I dont know how. Please help, I dont want to pay another $25 for a game I dont even play.

Are you sure he can only play them under your gamertag? The maps havent been released yet so I dont think its even possible to know.