can someone explain this to me, please?

First off, yeah i said please on a forum. Some people are still polite.

So anyways, i noticed something in the TU games…
Are these still the features in it?
4 shot DMR.
85% bloom.
Bleedthrough?* (I heard that it was gone.)
Shorter Camo.
Buffed Automatic weapons.
Nerfed AL?*
No sword block.

I heard that bleedthrough was gone in the TU. (If it is, thank you 343!)
I also was playing multi-teams and somoene used AL. So i tried to melee them, grenade them, shoot them, etc thinking it was nerfed, but the person still stayed in AL.

Is bleedthrough removed in TU?
Is AL nerfed (as much as before)?

Thank you for your time.
And I know i’m going to get trolled for being polite…
oh and,
DO you support the TU or vanilla Reach?

I support Vanilla Reach because it better favours the overall sandbox then with the TU.

I really need to get into my 100% balanced sandbox gametype for others to try out. Even with file sharing dead I can list off the options and tweaks.

Bleed through is gone, if the multi-team game was TU, AL should have been nerfed. Everything else is still there.

First, welcome to Waypoint =) now to your questions, at least the ones I know the answers to.

Yes bleedthrough was removed completely from the TU.
AL and Camo are nerfed.
85% bloom is standard in the TU.
The TU is only contained in about half of the playlist, but when selecting the playlist, it will be labeled as TU.

Those are for sure, now some that Im not positive on, but I think the info is accurate.

The DMR is still 5sk, it just happens faster.
Autos were not buffed, they just seem less effective with precision weapons having 15% more accuracy.
I believe sword block is removed in the TU, but I dont play TUed playlist that often so Im not sure.

As to my support, I prefer the game I bought and played for about a year before 343 decided to cater to players that didnt like Reach, but still played, while simultaneously -Yoink!- off a bunch of people that had no problem with the game before. Not the way I would have liked things to go, but I will be fine until the release of Halo 4 when I would bet any amount of money, 343 will not go tweeking their work for a bunch of complainers on forums, which is exactly how it should be.