Can someone explain this? I keep meleeing through people example in post

This time it happened with the sword but it happens all the time with just regular melees.
Here’s a link to the video

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It’s just one of the many things that 343 can’t figure out how to fix properly.


I had a game the other day where this person walked right through my back and meleed the air in front of me. I felt so bad for killing them…. Garbage game

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I’m trying to keep playing, but this has ruined this game for me. It just keeps on happening .Bye Halo Infinite. I’m done.


They need to bring back the collision physics for this to work, but due to it being a F2P game, I doubt it. Remove F2P, and bring back physics, and I think we would be moving in the right direction.

yes this is just the server/desync issues that havent been fixed yet…melees often don’t register especially when you melee as a sword is lunging for you…and the game recognizes the enemy health as “zero” but because of the issue, they did not die. something we are all waiting for 343 to fix. but sucks to wait so long as it forces you to lose many kills and 1v1s. as well as plasma grenades flying right through enemies’ bodies…

I have now figured out this is desync. And I’ve noticed it a lot on my BR shots as well. Still haven’t played the game since I said goodbye too infinite. Between this, lack of modes, lack of maps, , lack of social ranking up and lack of playlist. There’s no point playing this game. It’s just not fun in the state it is in right now. It’s frustrating and the D-Sync has definitely gotten worse since the update since it was supposedly fixed because I noticed it way more now than I ever did before. I know some stuff spelled wrong but I’m talk to texting right now

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I’ve been done for a long time. Probably quit playing 3 weeks after launch of campaign. Sorry for the situation, but welcome to the club. If you ignore the game you can at least not be frustrated by it.

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343i dev: See what happen was, even know it appears the enemy was in front of you on your end, they were farther away from you on their end.

That’s the TLDR version of this BS…

It gets even better.
Another clip coming shortly

Got to love the networking in this game

Remember when 343 said you can’t walk through enemy players in one of their posts lol


I think 343 is the only dev which manages to break things that were working for 20 years… gotta give them kudos for this achievement.