Can someone explain the team name tags above the player ingame?

There are blue ones and green ones. and blue dots. and Different things like exclamation points and stars. I understand the enemy are red dots. but thats all I know. Im assuming if youve gone like a round with a kill itll commend you or something? Why are some players green. I just played with a guy who got 45 kills and was green the whole time but im sure he was cheating because he was ontop of the map where your suppose to be killed after 10 seconds and was up there for like 2 mins.

Squad is green, blue are team. Think Battlefield. So it’s supposed to be say your mates you join a match with etc.

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somebody just kinda explained it ingame. i guess you can only actually talk to 3 other people on your team and the whole time i thought i was talking to at least the whole team in btb. lol.

Also you can set which 4 letters should be displayed (somewehere in Customization > Spartan ID).

If you don’t change anything, it just some random stuff.

But It’s useful if you can place a short version of your Gamertag in there. In your case probably “NELS”.

As for now, the green color = Squad is pretty pointless. But if you play in a party/Fireteam with others you know, then your Friends should be green, so you can detect them quicker. However: This feature is still buggy. Most of the time, you are not in the same Squad as your Friends. Don’t ask why…

ive noticed the gamertags buggy i have to reset it everytime i start the game or it wont work. but the squad green thing i never paid attention to once but im sure your totally suppose to because thats who you can communicate with. thanks for the help was also wondering if the exclimations were like being shot at or need assistance. i also notice soemtimes after a teammate dies it shows like an aim cursor like your suppose to follow it or something. like aim assist. theres a lot in this game thats unexplained because games dont come with manuals anymore lol.

The “!” means they are either shooting or being shot at.

any idea if you spawn closer to the green tags or no?

Never really paid attention to that, sorry.

Really hope they fix that. I hate having friends in my fireteam not showing as the fireteam color. It shouldn’t be 4 random people, it should be every single person in your active fireteam is that color and in fireteam chat.

It’s just a Beta. On Dec 8, everything will change :grimacing: