Can someone explain me how the multiplayer works?

In any Halo I played i never used multiplayer beacause it doesn’t find people to play with. In Forza Motorsport 3, I enter multiplayer option, then ‘find a lobby’ and it instantly finds a lobby full of people. How to do the same in Halo?

Are you using your Anniversary disc?

Go to Matchmaking. Select Playlists and then choose the playlist you want to play in.

Then select start game.

It usually doesn’t find a game instantly, sometimes it takes some time. But there is 50000+ people on Reach everyday. It shouldn’t take too long to find a game depending on the playlist. Then 4 choices come up. 3 are maps and the last choice is none of the above. Vote for your favorite map/game, or none of the above, and the amount of votes will decide the game. Then you can stay with your group by not leaving the lobby, and wait for more people to join, vote for the game, and repeat. Have fun!

Also, if you install Reach and Halo CEA to your hard disk and install the CEA multiplayer maps to your hard disk, you will be able to access all play lists / maps with the Reach disk in.

Here’s a really good FAQ about it:

SaveTheClouds, Thank you very much!