Can someone explain checkpoints to me?

I’m working on LASO…
I’ve been to the same spot 20+ times and never got a checkpoint. Suddenly, say on the 21rst time, I get a checkpoint at a super random spot.
Other times, I can go for 30+ minutes and never get a checkpoint. I can clear entire areas, no checkpoint. I get go thru multiple cinematics, no checkpoint. WTF?!

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i have nothing, the same stuff happens to me

I’ve somehow managed to load into checkpoints further in a mission than where I was.

Also it seems when I load into a save game it doesn’t put me where i saved.

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Yeah the fact you don’t know when you get a checkpoint and they are seemingly random is absolutely awful. I’ve just spent 30-40 minutes grinding a section to die and be put miles back from where I started. It’s deeply unpleasant. How have people done this on other Halo games…

You have to have full shields and a few seconds of not being in combat. I’m about halfway through on LASO myself.


Interesting… I’ll have to give this a try.

Knowing this made life significantly easier.

I’ve finished Tremonious and now I have the Scorpion gun, the game feels like it’s on easy mode.

Thank a bunch man. I can consistently get checkpoints now. I sometimes die trying to melee someone, but it’s worth it. So much less frustrating!!

Im also doing laso, i was on the second beacon of the spire mission and was sent back to the start of the AA guns mission. That’s whole mission and a half! Also only during laso, but 95% of the time i clear a FOB or save marines it will say enemies still around when there is absolutely not.

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