Can Someone Explain Assassinations?

In previous Halo games you could only assassinate someone in the back, but in this game now I get a lot of assassinations when meleeing someone in their chest. Why was this changed? Just so we get happy getting more assassination medals?

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Because player to player collision was removed. When you melee your lunge throws you through your target. That’s how people end up back smacking eachother in the kill feed.


Is that why I sometimes die by one melee when I am full shield? That should be fixed.


Yes, but it could also be desync.

Take a look at the kill feed

If there is an open hand symbol between your name and theirs then it registered as a back smack (there are currently no assassinations as such)

If the symbol is a fist (is it a fist? I can’t remember :joy:) it was a melee from the front. In this case they may have hit you with a mangler, bulldog or heatwave first or you may have already been weak.