Can Somebody Help Me Here?

Hey Guys Me Again, Um Wondering How On Reach :stuck_out_tongue: See What I Did There? HAHA
Sorry My Try At A Little Humour
Seeing That Bungie Isn’t Around Anymore And My Fileshare Won’t Upload Anything Anymore Dunno Why, Probably Cos Bungie Isn’t Around, Again Sorry To Babble
How, If There Is A Way, Do You Get Maps You Have Made In Forge Seen By The Community? Cos I Have Made two Maps Already And Had Good Feedback On My First map. No-ones Tried My 2nd One Yet Cos I Haven’t Showed Anyone. And They Have Some Really Good ideas In Them

Here’s A Desciption Of Them
1st One
Title: Hangover
Description: Two Bases At Either Side of A Floating Map With A Lower Walkway Starting From The Middle Of Each Base’s Pathways Towards Two Seperate Buildings, Go Up Either Side’s Building You Reach A Man Cannon Which Sends You Flying Over To A Walkway Floating Above The Lower Walkway From Which You Can Jump Down Onto To Surprise Enemies.
Size: Mid Sized, 1v1 Or 4v4 Whichever You Like
Downfalls: Only Made It For Red Vs Blue Or Orange Vs Green

2nd One
Title: Anvil
Description: Two Teams Start From Boxes At Either Side Of This Floating Map Giving Teams An Over View Of Their Battlefield, Teleporter Sends You To The First Walkway You Can Either Go Left Or Right At The Ends Left Sends You Up A Ramp Which Is Two Saucer Type Dealios Connected In The Middle By A Circle, Which From Afar Looks Like A Cog
And It’s The Same On The Other Side Depending On The Way You Go And If You Were To Go Right At The Ends Of This Walkway Then You Get Lead Down A Ramp Which Leads Down To Another Ramp Leading Down To Again Two Saucers Joined By A “Cog” But There Is A Twist There Is One Horizontal Cog And One Vertical Cog Which To Me Looks Really Cool
Downfall: Not Finished Yet :stuck_out_tongue: But Anyway

Well There is Two Of The Maps I Want The Halo Community To See But Am Having Trouble Finding How To Get THem To See

> How, if there is a way, do you get maps you have made in forge seen by the community? Cause I have made two maps already and had good feedback on my first map. No one tried my 2nd one yet cause I haven’t showed anyone. And they have some really good ideas in them

Ok I got a few nick pick things to get off my chest.
See how I retyped that part of you post? Notice that the only letters that are capitalized are the 'I’s, and the letters at the beginning of a sentence? You don’t need to capitalized any other letter other than in the places where I have.

Now, as for you’re question. The file share for Reach will be back up this summer, I suggest patience.

Hey yeah I know i gotta stop with that I do it everytime i type like to type out these sentences with trying to resist pressing the shift button. For some reason I do I don’t know why :confused:
But anyway about the answer yeah i guess patience is all it’s about well thanks for help and i’ll try to refrain myself from typing like that again :slight_smile: