Can somebody explain the logic for this?

Why do we have to hit play after every game? It does not make sense to me. Every Halo game since Halo Combat Evolved the server would automatically start a new game.

Sorry that does not seem logical to me not one damn bit!! :-1:


it seems to be a weird shift in most games nowadays. lobbies carrying over is becoming less and less common

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I agree, it’s annoying. Keep searching until I’m ready for a different playlist.


Well “IF” they are going by the way of getting rid of lobbies 343i can count me out big time. I like the way 343i did Halo MCC. If the do get rid of lobbies. HELLO MCC HERE I COME!!! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Or Better yet I would like to have our own Dedicated Server Software and a Game Browser! Now That Would BE AWESOME!!!


I don’t really see the benefit in this except for allowing AFKers to endlessly jump into new games. Which is what they did in the MCC collection for the PC to try and rack up points in their progression.

Nothing is going to hurt you to press A to ready up though.

I run PC only!

AFK’ers can be eliminated by some simple coding! It ain’t rocket science people! I wrote a mod to just do that for a game many years ago. It worked Great! Even Halo Combat Evolved had a AF’Ker script to kick afk’ers. Like I said it ain’t rocket science People! :slight_smile:

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also the game will cancel a search if i go to a new page like if i want to look at the page to show my exp it cancels the search if i switch it befoe the countdown finishes.