Can some one rectify this?

I was browsing forums and I found a thread called “Just to let you guys know, 343 is not considering Reach canon”. It said that he found a interview of Frankie saying Reach to them is off-canon. I didn’t find this interview or even remember a comment in the book signing where he says that. So if any of you guys can tell me if you find any video or writen interview that confirms that Franky said this. If I don’t find anything, I’m going to accept that this is a lie until proven.

If any 343 employees can comment that would be great. I know by microsoft you can not bust rumors but, I think this is answerable.

Every Halo game is canon. Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Reach, and Halo Wars are all canon.

I’m not asking if its is canon, I’m asking if Franky said it wasn’t to 343.

Every game is canon as said above.
If you think about it Reach makes sence as I should know this as I played the campaign and read the books just to get them in order.

Well I don’t think frankie did say it was not canon to anyone.

Again guys I believe that Halo Reach can fit. The only concern I have is if franky said if they didn’t.

Then if it wasn’t, look at the week’s waypoint guide. The fiction content coming up.

No, read it all, he’s just a troll. He has no source, he just wanted to start some 343 hate. 343 still has lots of hostility, because most of those people think Microsoft did something dirty and underhanded to Bungie. Bungie wanted out just as much as Microsoft wanted Halo.