Can some one explain to me how the "Mount Up" medal works for the Party Bus achievement

I’ve tried twice to get this achievement. I went around honking until 3 people got in, I didn’t get it either time. Is there a certain way to do this that is guaranteed or is it just broken?

I believe you need the honk to put out the Warthog 3 available seats in X area note. 3 players have to get in quickly in that area. I think. Not every honk gives you the note.

Honestly it took me like 10 attempts and every time I got 3 in it didn’t give me the medal. Only got it after the above happened.

Are there any guides on trueachievements? They usually have the solution.

Thank you, I will try that. Unfortunately, that means it is practically impossible with randoms.

I did it with randoms but it was massively frustrating to try and obtain it, many times I got two in. That was launch week too. It would be even harder now. Everyone hates the Razorback. It’s a party guys, cmon!

Thought I had it on a zone control game when half my team was in the zone and I drove into the middle and honked, 2 guys got in, but everyone else just stared at me. That was the most that ever got in for me at once.

This is harder than LASO right now :rofl: Actually this and the stock pile one, kinda hoping they add these to custom games with bots too.

There is a certain way of doing it. Should be a video on you tube. Also make dure nobody gets in until after you honked.
And should be a continuos honk for 2-5 seconds before people hop on