Can PC players get red reticle back?

There was a mention it was removed because it was easier for cheaters to implement an auto aim.

Well, rather than using that, they’re using the red silhouette code to track players now.

Can PC players have the red reticle back since cheaters proved it was ultimately pointless to remove it?


No because apparently “just make better anti cheat” is not the right way to go about things, instead they need to give console players “Aim Assist” (known on PC as an Aimbot) and then remove things from the PC version because people “might” abuse it


:frowning: well crap lmao

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Yet another example of 343i head’s being stuck so far up their own bumholes they can’t see how stupid and hurtful the gimmick they’re implementing and calling a “core mechanic” is to the game.

Console players do have AA and PC players do have red reticules. I was playing on PC last night using the red to shoot all night.

Is it some guns don’t have red reticule?

I know for a fact BR doesn’t have red reticle on pc

I’ll check it out, but I’ll tell ya I didn’t need it. My biggest problem was how hard m&k and sidekick/BR gunplay is and it’s not the red reticule. I tried out controller and started getting crazy head shots.

I don’t think I really need the red either. I’m used to cross mapping and no scoping in H3 when crosshair won’t even register the target.

And honestly in this game it’s not the lack of a red crosshair, its the horrendous bloom/recoil (seriously, how does a car-sized cyborg in a power suit suffer from recoil?) and aim assist for controllers that breaks with alarming regularlity.

Yeah as a long time Halo player it was very off putting not having the red cross hair with the little dot in the middle to confirm you have a headshot lined up. I have since gotten used to it but when I found out console players still get it I was really annoyed. Feels like were beating treated as second class citizens here. Heard it’s much easier to line up shots on moving targets with the Skewer using the red indicator.

I’m also not surprised hackers were able to make use of the Red outlines on enemy players. That stuff is WAY over done, and feels like a built in wall hack almost lol. People should only glow red when you actually aim at them. But I guess they are worried that would discourage people from buying clown colors in the store…


Most guns don’t. Ones that need it like the Pulse Carbine still do, as it tells you what its homing range is.

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Ok thanks. I was thinking of needler and something else. I don’t understand why they arbitrarily chose to leave it in some guns and not others. As if hackers turn hacks off when they pick up a needler. Lol.

The needler’s kind of in a similar place as the pulse carbine, where it needs the red to properly inform the player, whereas other guns its more of a convient thing than a necessary part of its function.

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Yes and it turns red for me with the needler and now that you mention it, I never saw red for the pulse carbine and was wondering why the tracking was problematic.

Is there supposed to be red for the cinder shot? Because I noticed it does crazy tracking if you scope and fire.

I wish, it really sucks that we can’t have basic features because of anti-cheating measures.

I think then it’s only the weapons that track get red crosshairs so you know they’re in tracking range?