Can only play Reach multiplayer with friends??

Ok, I’m a doofus.

We’ve been playing Multiplayer for years, but with Reach, we can’t connect to the “world at large”. The only options it gives us is to play with friends.

Clearly there’s a way around this, but we’ve been through all the menus and can’t find any setting to change to allow us access to players outside of our friends.

Can someone please provide some insight on this?


Multiplayer is just like other Multiplayer games. You should be able to play against other people.

Is this an issue with just Halo: Reach? What does it say when you try to join a game no XBL?

If anything, I suggest to contact xbox support on Twitter: @XboxSupport <-this is probably the fastest way actually; they are pretty quick to reply, but you do need to have a Twitter account. There is also the forums, which can take forever and 18004MYXBOX is pretty good if you can deal with talking to reps on the phone.

Try checking your network setting. Seriously, I have one person listed as a friend on XBL, and have played many multiplayer games and not one of them with/against them.

you have too use the marketmatching setting in the main menu where it says solo camp… hit the start button go to marketmatching then you will be able to play online with everyone

Good point, why isn’t there a list showing people BUNGIE thinks you’ll play well with. Maybe because people will think they’re being stalked.Hmmmmm…