Can not play more than 1 game without crashing

Hey all,

I play Infinite on a PC via steam. Today my game crashed 3 times. Twice while trying to find a match, and once at the very end of one (Tactical Slayer). I quit after the 3rd crash, anyone else having this issue? Did they issue an update within the past couple of days? This game is absolutely unplayable for me at the moment.

If others aren’t having this issue I’ll see what I can do on my end.

I had it early on, but nowadays it’s realy rare for me to crash luckily (i think in the last 5 weeks i only crashed once).

Check on steam if you have the high-res textures on.
Right click on the game in your library, select “Properties…” then select the tab DLC and deselect the High-Res Textures, It will uninstall those (you don’t need it to play the game) and that might help (it worked for me).
What you could also try on top of it is ingame try to change the visual settings to ‘low’ (but first try the High-Res textures)

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Disable the HD texture pack, turn off any and ALL in game overlays, this includes Steam in game overlay, fps counters, discord overlay and anything of the sort. After doing all of this, I’ve only ever crashed once and it was during the very initial loading screen just after launching the game.

Thanks for the suggestions. I turned off the Hi-res packs and the steam overlays. I managed to find a match of BTB, but my game was crazy laggy and it ended up crashing halfway through. I don’t know why the game is so broken recently. It worked just find Saturday night.

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