Can Invasion Get some Love?

Being a huge fan of Invasion, ever since the days of the Beta, it has become painfully clear that this particular playlist has seen zero additions in way of actual Invasion games; save Breakpoint. (Which doesn’t come up very often because so few people in a lobby all have the downloaded content.) Invasion used to be one of the top playlists; consistantly being amongst the top three lobbies with people in them. That has since been on the decline; I believe because of the lack of attention which has been shown toward the Invasion playlist. Nothing in there changes.

I’m aware of Skirmishes which have been added, but those games typically end with one team camping the other teams spawn locations. What I would love to see is some more Invasion maps being played which have been created by the community. I am aware of how few of these are good, much less even playable due to so few people knowing how exactly to use the invasion tool set. I download these maps constantly and many of them are simply unplayable for a whole host of reasons; objectives are too far apart, maps are too large, Spawn locations cameras point you into a wall, huge balance issues, etc.

But there are a handful of great maps which stick to the core mechanics of the Invasion sandbox. Not to toot my own horn, but Halo:Ascendant would be a blast; I also speak of The Hushed Apprentice, forged by Bones 153; or Summit, created by MetaWaddleDee. These three maps would make a great editions to the rotation; not just because they function properly, and look pretty while S&%* blows up, but because they’re balanced. Rocks aren’t randomly dropped here and there; buildings that may look pretty to the player also have a deeply important reason for being there whether to provide cover, or some other objective reasoning. These maps work, while many others simply don’t.

I understand that finding these maps can be difficult when sifting through all the horrible Invasion maps, but the rewards they would give to the matchmaking rotation, and those who enjoy Invasion, would be fantastic!

So lets get this thing started! 343 Industries, now that you control the reins of Halo:Reachs’ matchmaking playlist, don’t let these incredible maps be forgotten; stuck in some sad deprived forging mad man’s fileshare collecting digital dust.

If you doubt me, download anyone of those maps and give them a try. See if I’m full of it. Call down the sound department, the programmers frantically working their fingers to the bones on Halo 4, the artists, Frankie if you can find him…give them a break for crying out loud and let them get their Invasion on!

I bet they walk away with a smile across their face. ; )

(If you’ve tried any of these maps, give them a shout out! Let 343 know there are actually some good Invasion Maps out there.)

> I also speak of The Hushed Apprentice, forged by Bones 153; or Summit, created by MetaWaddleDee.

I’ve played these two maps and they were absolutely amazing.