Can I still get 'License to Kill'?

It is awarded for running over 5 people with a vehicle in a matchmade game. You can only get it through the Anniversary map pack. There’s only one playlist still supported by Halo CEA, that being the Anniversary Classic. Is it still possible?

It is still possible, however I recommend you get some friends together who all have the Anniversary map pack who can help you.

You could probably pull it off on team snipers on a mongoose if you have all the luck in the world, you could co-ordinate friends to help distract the enemy whilst you gently brush up against them multiple times until one decides to die… Or you could possible try a ghost on one of the few rarer maps.

However, I’m more concerned about how you would get the infection achievements, they would be impossible right now.

The infection achievement can be done by getting 3 players with 4 controllers and all signing in guest accounts and have anni maps. Just select living dead with your 12 players in the lobby all with anni map and you will have anni maps pop up in the voting lobby. Just make sure each guest gets one kill to avoid detection from the banhammer and getting a temp ban on earning credits.