Can I play the campaign on Steam, if I pay for Game Pass on MS Store?

Title says it all, would be mildy annoying to not be allowed to play the game on steam, even when paying for Game Pass.

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No, you’d have to install it via the MS store just like I did for MCC.

Oh man thats annoying. I’ll probably buy the campaign on steam if I really enjoy it. Thanks for the quick reply <3

yeah i was wondering the same thing. If you have to sign in with your xbox account on steam then it should know that your account has gamepass ultimate so that you get the campaign for free, I just don’t understand how that was missed.

No, because your purchase through Microsoft as a retailer does not equate to a purchase through steam as a retailer. The online service requires your XBL account the same way Battlefield uses origin

you shouldn’t have to purchase anything if you had gamepass. If steam is linked to your xbox account and your xbox account determines if you have gamepass or not then what your saying makes no sense.

You shouldn’t have to purchase it only through the xbox app or the Microsoft store if its FREE and linked to your account.

(im talking about gamepass and not buying it)

I just found this out the hard way. I now have two installs of Halo on my computer and have to remap all settings/controls.

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That’s irrelevant because gamespass ACTS as your purchase; it’s your digital license to download and play that product. If you have no subscription service, Infinite/MCC costs money on either PC storefront. If you have gamespass it only costs money on steam.

OMG i have gamepass lol. My point was that it should be free on steam since you use your xbox account to log in. It should have a list that gets checked before playing if you have gamepass or not.

Your answering your own question and then disagreeing with me. The system they have in place sucks. I shouldnt be forced to play the xbox app version when the steam version runs better.

I should get the campaign free on steam if i have gamepass. Whats the point of having you log into your xbox account if it doesnt matter? There are other games that have crossplay that have you log in much differently and still work.

It’d be great for Gamepass to work via Steam but I don’t know if that will ever happen.

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you would think if you log in with the same account that has gamepass on halo when you launch the game then it should check if your account is a valid gamepass member - {because it uses your xbox account}