can i play in 2560x1080???

hi i downloaded halo 5 forge and when i got to the main menu i could only have my resolution at 1920x1080 my monitors default resolution is 2560x1080 and as a result of me not being able to switch to that resolution ingame i have two thick black bars either side of my screen limiting the capability of my monitor please help me fix this.

also the moderators are very strange on these forums ive tried posting about this issue twice now and it seems like they try to get me shut up about any issues with the game by just closing my post its like they are trying to keep out any criticism about the game, strange i just thought i’d add that since they are wasting my time by making me have to repost it

but yes any help on playing in 2560x1080 will be greatly appreciated thank you ever so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Your topics were locked as you already made another one, kind of redundant having multiple topics in different locations. You already have an active support topic here, please don’t create new / duplicate threads: